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PostSubject: Roleplaying   Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:35 pm

Roleplaying an Undead

Undead Speech and Language

One of the most important parts of roleplay is one, your actions and two, how you speak as a respective Undead. The first section will go through some of the language and speaking patterns of the Undead minions.

The Undead use two types of speech in their language. They use an inverse language and they use a lisp language. Either form, or both, are mandatory speech patterns for being an Undead Minion. Since a human we are not anymore, we will not talk like them. We do not speak like an Orc either; they don't speak like us, we don't speak like them.

The inverse pattern of speech is fairly easy to understand. Basically, it is just a matter of juggling words around in a normal sentence. For example, "Listen to me you must, help you roleplay an Undead it will." A good source to use is Yoda of Star Wars. His speech patterns are inverse.

The Lisp pattern of speech is even easier. Simply, add a few extra consonants or vowels of the same letter at the end of a few words to achieve this. For example, "Come withhh meee, going tooo Necropolisss we areeee. Yessss, letssss gooo."

The lisp is only available to full undead as their tongue has rotted away after the ceremony.

So to recap you can use one or all of these techniques to speak as an Undead:
1.Slurr yourr wordss.
2.Invert your words. "Talk like thiss do I, followw that you can."
3.You may also add "..." after each sentence, it adds a slight "trailing off" fealing to your speach.

Now you are ready to use some our own words in your speach. We have several but none that are hard to remember. The list is as follows:
- Good souls: Greeting and good bye.
- Soulstone or stone: Guild stone.
- Soulpage: Webpage
- Soulsend: ICQ.
- Soulboard: Meassage Board.
- Grave Robbing: Looting.
- Guardian: the God Undead worship, also know as Wargod to the Orcs.
- Hunting: When we go out in search of mortal souls.
- Nyss: A lisp form of no for full undead
- Ayss: A lisp form of yes for full undead
- Vyss: A lisp form of you for full undead
- Myss: A lisp form of my for full undead

I've also developed some of those lisp forms for my own character and will sometimes use the following:
-Nysst: Not
-Vysst: Your, posessive

Of course, the Undead language is constantly evolving as my words show. If you have any ideas on how to improve it, please post it on the undead board.

Tips on Roleplaying an Undead

Undead have many different personalities just like any other race. When creating a dead-type creature, you should keep this in mind. First of all, decide which caste of the Undead you wish to belong to (see Castes section). Then decide upon a name for your Undead Creature. Names such as Smith of Yew, WitlessMasta and Finny are inappropriate as Undead. All names must be spelled in a normal manner (i.e. they begin with a capital letter and all others are lower case) and must not be more unusual than the norm. For Example, Fred or John will not do, but Malice or Arioch will. Be creative in choosing your name. More on this will be covered in the "Creating an Undead" section. Once you have decided these two things, your persona should be considered. Many options are available and in general, you should try to create a rich and unique personality to play.To help you get to know your Undead character we have compiled a few small uestions you should ask of yourself and how you wish to play your character. Answer these questions and you should be on your way to excellent roleplaying:

- Where did you come from?
- What purpose, if any other than servitude to the Guardian, do you have?
- What do you like and/or hate?
- Are there any emotions which still exist in your Undead form? Needs? Desires?
- Are there any unusual habits that may pass on from your mortal life into your Undead life?

Nightmares, for example, enjoy pain, inflicting it and view themselves as superior to Bone Warriors. They tend to stealth around and stick to the shadows. They view themselves as an elite and specialized force and as being more intelligent.

Once you have decided on these facets of your personality, play them religiously. In game, play an Undead minion at all times. Do not go out of character (OOC) for any reason if at all possible. Even if something comes up in real life, try to play it off in an in character (IC) way. For example, if you have to leave suddenly because your dog has to go out, don't tell everyone in game about this. Instead, remain IC and tell those around you something IC. For example, "Sleeepp I mussst for a short time. Return I will sooon." This tells everyone that you will be Out of Game in an IC way.

Most importantly though; always try to have fun and let others have fun.
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