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 Resources and Souls

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PostSubject: Resources and Souls   Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:16 am

My donation to the Undead and the Guardian.

Resources consist of:
1005 pieces of leather
518 bones (518 friggin ghouls slayed) lol
10,000 gold
2 sets of magic bone armors
Souls for the Guardian consist of:
porco - thief
PasHaaa - looted my corpse while we were both newly ressed and then I punched him to death lol

Isabeau - evil gypsy woman who tried to kill me in covetous level 1 while I was killing harpies
Typical Dealer - GRIEF guild PK
Karl Lagerfeld - PK I killed in covetous level 2 (with the help of an elder gazer hehe)

a total flamer - ?? i forget
Seigneury - GRIEF guild PK
Wildfyre - Yew Militia
Robert Fraser - Yew Militia
*newly added* Vortimis - Yew Militia
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Resources and Souls
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