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 *knock knock* Is this thing still on?

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PostSubject: *knock knock* Is this thing still on?   Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:12 am

I know I'm at most a 2 hour a night player so it could be that I'm just missing everyone each night when I log in. But I haven't noticed many officers around when I am online (and not macroing Wink).

On Saturday it seemed that there was some drama going on between Us Undead and Yew. Some instances of killing, res killing and dry looting. Either due to a mis-understanding or down right ROE violations. I wasn't involved personally, but to me it seemed that one of our Unborn was jumped, he retaliated, and it snowballed from there. Not sure if it was resolved or not, but I haven't been on the recieving end of any nastiness to date.

So far I have enjoyed my time with the Undead! You all are a great bunch of fun! And I totally understand if Officers/Leadership grow tired of dealing with Drama and just choose to sleep in their crypts for awhile to recharge. Just let us know what is up. If there is another forum or something where information is passed around let me know. This is the only place I know of (other then AIM) that we can communicate outside of the game.


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PostSubject: Re: *knock knock* Is this thing still on?   Mon Sep 26, 2011 2:27 pm

Shit sorry bro, usually I'm around to deal with this kind of stuff but for the last two weeks I have had a lot on my plate IRL and have definitely been neglecting this game. I am back now and I will be taking care of everything.

Expect the problems to be resolved(depending on how fast I can get in contact with the Yew Militia officers) today and also to have things to do on a daily basis again.
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*knock knock* Is this thing still on?
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