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 New Ideas for Pure Roleplay

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Darken Ruul

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PostSubject: New Ideas for Pure Roleplay   Sun Oct 02, 2011 7:58 pm

As you all know, the opportunities for roleplay with our friends in Yew and elsewhere are few and far between with the heightened hostility between us. Not only do I think that this is damaging to RP on IPY, I also think it could alienate us from Yew very quickly as a large portion of their active playerbase seem unwilling to engage in PvP, or are terrible at it. I feel that if our relationship with Yew is to survive, a strictly none combatant option must remain available for those who desire it, and it is a playstyle which will strongly bond the two guilds and enrich the 'purpose' of the PvP experience.

Thinking back to the glory days of RP and RPPVP on Europa with CoY and ERPA, it was the RP which fueled the PvP and well knit communities of roleplayers in a few single localities really made the experience memorable.

What I'm suggesting is that the guild opens a sub division within the guild which could act as our 'civilian' tag, allowing players an alt or even main character so that none combatant roleplay can come life. The ultimate goal would be to try plant the seed in the Yew area for others entrepreneurial guild leaders to come start something up and an opportunity for Yewbie and UND activity and relations to sky rocket.

How do we do this with a strictly evil aligned guild? Your guess is as good as mine Very Happy, but I'll offer what I had in my mind.

  • Priest Order
    Mortal missionaries, disciples and worshipers of The Guardian. They feel it their mission to spread the Guardians word to Sosaria of the oncoming threat which no man or woman can escape. The order could establish a church in the vicinity of Yew and frequent the town preaching their beliefs. Such an organization would offer any roleplayer a wealth of possibilities to create meaningful and enjoyable scenarios.

  • Cult
    A cult would represent a strong opportunity for some really original and interesting ideas for roleplay in and around yew. Heralding the age of the Guardian and causing some none combatant havoc and rich storylines/events would instantly become front page news. Think along the lines of building shrines, animal sacrifice, secret human sacrifice or satanic rituals? Not only would this offer strong potential to roleplay very diverse characters, you also get to scare the shit out of people and employ some real horror methods.

  • Individual (possibly covert) roles
    An Undertaker, Cemetery Keeper, Farmer? A grave robber who got scared shitless into spying on the Militia for the UND? I could really give pages of ideas on this one as it truly is an open book and why should there be any limitation on where you would want to go with this. Roles could be made known through a title, or divulged through roleplay. This option would really satisfy the strong roleplayers amongst you who would feel confident enough to create their own existence in-between both UND and Yew.

I've really just thrown some ideas out to get people thinking, but most of all to gauge peoples interest in establishing a strong roleplay community with our friends in Yew, as well as to try attract fresh interest in IPY RP. Let me know what you think and if this is of interest to some or many of you, I'd be happy to create this in game as I myself am looking for an RP outlet and would love to do this with you guys.
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PostSubject: Re: New Ideas for Pure Roleplay   Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:53 pm

All of these ideas sounds great to me, Ill try to think of some as well, but the problem is the quick and itchy trigger fingers lately, some of the fights have been bush wacks in back of head, typical example of roleplay lamo,

Is Undead guy enters Yew, Yew guy says "Leave now, you stinken fochen Undead" then fight happends, Or same intro and Undead tries to open dialog but is met with Mace to face from Yew then you get "You was Warned to leave" lol every role play is always the same with them. Leave or Die.

So i am all for variety in Role Play its why i signed up, I play other characters going threw the same ole thing so role play was intresting to me as i never done it. then it turns into one line or two then fight? So you get my vote for new ideas you presented.

as far as church or cult here is the response i expect from Yew "Leave or dont preach your fochin filth here or we kill you" then boom fight. I Find Yew lack luster in brain power and responses is there any other roleplay group we could be creatively at war with cause man there plot is samo samo lamo with no imagination involved.
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New Ideas for Pure Roleplay
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