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 A Dark Desire

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PostSubject: A Dark Desire   Mon Oct 17, 2011 7:04 am

There is little more potent than the envy of the dead; these ancient bones cage a most virulent fury. The living, life undeserving of life, continue to move about this world.

How I hate them; how I despise their dreamless nature.

How I hate them; meat-puppets, all of them. Nothing more.

How I hate them; their lives should belong to me.

Here I lie, caged fury bound to ancient bones. Restless anger upon a silent grave.

Here I lie, deep below...under earth and ruins of dead nations.

I am born of a wish; a desire to return.

Bring me back.

I was Samael Wormwood...break the seals and release my anger upon this world. Bring me back.

((Hi all, I've characters named Keeper Taranis and Aziel V'Ghera in Yew though my primary experience has been with villainous characters (I ran the main "evil" guild on my WoW server for five years and plan to lead a similar one in SWTOR). I was hoping to join you all and spread fear amongst the tender mortals;P ))
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PostSubject: Re: A Dark Desire   Mon Oct 17, 2011 2:41 pm

Awesome! Add me on AIM and we can get you on the stone ASAP.

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A Dark Desire
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