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 Vad Toreador 's Journal

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Vad Toreador

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PostSubject: Vad Toreador 's Journal   Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:44 pm

Now that i have gain sufficient strength i have decided to keep a journal recording the Guardians victory over these lands through the eyes of his loyal followers and servants.

Due to recent events and the attacks from the Yewin dogs i thought it would be appropriate pay them a visit in return. First i headed to the Yew graveyard and began opening the tombs of there fallen warriors I took the limbs, bones and organs and put them in a bag then headed toward town. I tried a number of houses but most were locked but i did find a nice peaceful villa, the door was unlocked so i crept in making sure no one was home and it was empty but lived in. I made my way up stairs and put two piles of bones on the ground and chanted a necromancer spell waved my hands and arose the two skeletons. Pleased with my work i left leaving them for the unsuspecting mortal who lives here.

Reveling in what i had just achieved i headed further in to town and found an open tower so i again made my way in i put the renaming bag of mostly putrid organs and a few decomposing limbs in a heap on the floor repeated the spell again and this time a zombie rose up bumping into tables and knocking things over.

Having scared the towns folk it was time to send a message to the militia letting them know that there attacks will not go unpunished. I headed to the Yewin farm and the only person there was the Shepherd watching over his flock so i jumped over the fence ran in knocking him out with the hilt of my katana then turned my attention to the sheep

Now to the Abby and to my surprise there were not many guards so i took the opportunity to run up to the doors and write in sheep's blood his glorious name so they know we are still strong and we will wipe the Yewin heathens from this land

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PostSubject: Re: Vad Toreador 's Journal   Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:07 pm

Nice i love it!

When are your active times you like to play?
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Vad Toreador 's Journal
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