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 War Support!!

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PostSubject: War Support!!   Tue Jan 10, 2012 10:37 am

I am currently grinding away on an alchemist/poisoner who I will be leaving in the armory to make supply us with kegs and to poison weapons on demand. I am going to grind her as fast as possible and hopefully in a week or so we will have unlimited amount of poisoned weapons. Hint hint you will no longer need to have poisoning in your warriors template unless you really want poisons on the go. I am currently at 80 alchemy and 65 poisoning so it wont be much longer.

I hope this makes playing in the undead guild a more enjoyable experience because anyone who knows me will know how much I hate grinding crafters... So soon we will all be nox-fiends and you can thank my disgruntled blood sweat and tears for this.

All the best,
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War Support!!
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