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 I haveeee awokennn...

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PostSubject: I haveeee awokennn...   Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:35 am

(OOC) I have went through I long hard time. I'm sorry I havn't been on in like 3 months. Just had some rough times. But, it is over now and Vincent(and other alts) have awoken from their so thought "eternal" slumber.
New AIM:

Add me and we can get back to how it used to be. Have preparations for school this weekend but today. I will be on for a couple of hours. And I will be back on Sunday.
I just have to remember all my hotkeys and reset them back up. If you see me back on say hi. I don't bite that hard.

Glad to be back and Good Soulsssssss.
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I haveeee awokennn...
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