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 The Yew Raid

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Connan WolfBlow


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PostSubject: The Yew Raid   Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:18 pm

We thought to ourselves "how would it feel to raid yew". Then instead of thinking we went on ahead. First we came in contact with J Keenan and instantly slashed his heart out of his body. Next we started fighting Dreeken and quickly I release my fingers off the bow and an arrow then pierced his heart. Lastly before we ended the raid I had to take on a warrior by myself while the rest of my group abandoned me. Then I quickly ended the fight between us. The Raid was a good one and to be remembered. It was enjoyed by all who participated except by Yew Militia Very Happy
I will post pictures later when I am aloud to.
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The Yew Raid
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