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 Official RP RoE (for any RP war)

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PostSubject: Official RP RoE (for any RP war)   Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:43 pm

The following is a proposed list of permitted and not permitted actions between RP guilds.

Restricted Controllables: Drakes, Dragons, Daemons, Blade Spirits, Energy Vortexes
No looting is permitted at any time except for pre-planned campaigns and events at which point looting ROE will be decided.
Upon death, loot your items and head immediately for the Yew Town Center. DO NOT REENTER BATTLES.
Send a message to the opposing guild at least 5 minutes before raiding. This can be done via IM, or an in character crier/scout informing the opposition.
All battles must be agreed upon OOCly by all parties before hand even in the field.
No equipment restrictions.
Upon the entrance of an outside party (blues, reds, other non-ROE restricted people, etc.), cease ALL combat immediately and retreat.
No griefing other RP guilds on alts.
No AFK killing.
Non-combatant characters need to either be wearing a bright orange robe, or leave the battle scene immediately during combat.
Weekly cross-guild officer meetings in vent.
Any breaks in ROE should be immediately reported to an officer. No heroes! Keep reporters in the loop.
Community Blacklist. If someone causes harm to an RP guild and is kicked, no other RP guilds will recruit them.

The following guilds have this RoE established between them.

Yew Militia [YEW]
Seburd Hedz Orkz [ORK]
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Official RP RoE (for any RP war)
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