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PostSubject: Stealth   Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:01 am

Vincenttttt, comee to me. We mussst speak.

Vincent, The Wraith, heard The Ancient One speak to him. He usually never calls unless there is something urgent. Vincent wrapped his shadow cloak around himself and disappeared into the night. He arrived quickly and saw Kraton waiting for him.

"Ayssss?". Vincent said bowing before him.

"Pay careful attentttion to what I am about to sssay," Kraton said with a firm tone.

"He hungers for more soldierssss, but of a different kinddd," He said quietly.

"Sooomething you might know about," said Kraton with a vicious looking smile.

"They move without being seeeen, they kill without a sound. I am the Guardian's second handddd, you, Vincent Bodom, willl be mineee," Kraton said now cackling.
"You willl raise thissss army for meee, for the Guardian, for us."

"This is exactly what we need to take the upper hand this endlesssss war," he continued. Vincent remained silent.
"We must first prepare."

"YOU, must collect these things.
You need 4 things. Blood from an innocent, Bones from rotting or decaying corpses, some nightshade, and shadow cloth. Then, we can start the calling."
"Vincent," Kraton placed his hand on Vincent's shoulder," I will not tolerate failure," he gripped tightly before letting go and smiling.

Vincent nodded knowing the consequences.

Vincent immediately turned and took off. Disappearing into the woods.
He started his mission.

He easily killed a couple zombie and collected the moldering bones from them.

He raced into Britain and stealthed into the mage shop and stole a couple pieces from the shopkeeper when his head was turned.

He then went out and stalked a wandering healer. When he turned his back Vincent rushed up behind him and buried his long spear into his back.
He then got a flask from his pouch. He stabbed the man in his neck and drained his blood into the bottle.
He returned to the Armory and ran up the stairs. He remembered the shadow cloth he was supposed to collect and cut the bottom of his ethereal robe. His eyes glowed red and he continued up the stairs.

"Everything isss here Ancient One," the Vincent said.
Kraton nodded. "This way Wraith."

Kraton led the way to the Yew Crypts. They shredded their way to the top level through daemons and liches. When they reached the top Kraton motioned for the Wraith to stand in the middle of the Pentagram and prepare the ingredients.

Kraton then started chanting some mysterious language Vincent had never heard of before. He carefully watched for what seemed hours. Then, the floor started shaking. And the ingredients on the floor started to melt into the floor. The wraith looked at Kraton. Kraton motioned for him to follow him out. They both returned to the Armory. Kraton smiled grimly. "Wraith, the Guardian has given you another gift thissss day. He sends to you lost souls of vengeful and corrupt people that you must train these soulsss. Form them to your will. Thissss is the Guardian's will. This will help us win the war.

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