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 A gore veil is lifted

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PostSubject: A gore veil is lifted   Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:12 pm

Hello I am Goregreedy and I am a roleplayer.

I have been hopping around the various free shards for a week or so now to find the best place that recreates the kind of rp I am used to from having played in the Europa rp scene for far longer than I care to admit.

While I don't have any developed characters on IPY, I would like to think that I am more than capable of following the RoE and rp standards on IPY because I doubt there was, is or for ever will be anything stricter than Europa roleplaying.

That being said, with a good character template my killing skills are also above par. Nothing special, but I am a good team worker with plenty of experience in the quirks of rpvp.

So essentially, I would like to join UND. As stated, I have no developed characters at the moment, the plus side of which is that I can create any character type needed. I've made a basic proto-fencer type called Goregreedy. I think I am a better mage than I ever was with melee builds, but training a fencer to a usable level is considerably cheaper.

When it comes to communication, I must confess I am on GMT time so that might preclude me from a lot of events. I also haven't used any instant messaging programs since I stopped playing OSI servers about 6 years ago. However, I am of course open to new and exciting ideas.
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PostSubject: Re: A gore veil is lifted   Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:52 pm

I talked to you earlier when we were in Yew and seeing your RP was nice. Most of us use AIM or ICQ. If you download it my AIM is UOKirawolf. Message me sometime. Glad you are wanting to join UND.
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A gore veil is lifted
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