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 Krells Orders!

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PostSubject: Krells Orders!   Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:47 am

"Unborns, I still smell your missrable Sweat and Stink of Mortality! I wish to reward You with good word to our Ancient One in your favour if you can Find Me Monica of Yew, whom I have learned is now a wanted Fugitive on them bothersome MeatSacks of Yew!

Find Me Monica of Yew before they do and I will try to Bless you in good Graces to the Gaurdian and our decrepped Ancient One, And I might look past your bothersome need to expire extrament and putred urine and I will also pay in gold anymember to bring her to meeeeee alive!!!!!!!!"

Eyes glow Orange with red pupels.

"To our Wraiths Masters of shadows and deceit. Please inform me of Monica's location and help bring her to me alive!!! For my bones are not as nibble and swift as your aspect making it difficult to achive this in addition my lust for the crymson fluid out of the Meat Puppets skulls is to great for me to create me to being destracted from One of my goalsssss. So Any help i can recieve from your unholy soullsss would be handy and invaluable to meeeee my eternal brotherssss!"
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Krells Orders!
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