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 Necrul - Revenge

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Robert O'toole

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PostSubject: Necrul - Revenge   Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:12 pm

The story of Necrul began from when he was a child of age ten watching his father, the warriors Guildmaster, at work training all the other soldiers of britain. His father didn't pay as close attention to Necrul as he did to other students of older age, such as Cal'Nerg. Necrul was jealous of how his older brother was getting stronger than he, and so he would practice harder and harder, trying to overcome his older brother. Everyday for almost ten years he would travel to the dreaded dungeons such as covetous and shame, defeating enemies of all types. Murderers didn't stand a chance against him as he started to study the art of parrying and Fencing. Once he picked up his first bow, he hit a target strait in the bulls-eye. He became very skilled at fighting and went back to the warriors guild, seeking one thing: his fathers head. He ran into Cal'Nerg while on his travels, and Necrul didn't greet him well. They fought for almost twenty minutes before Necrul had Cal'nerg on his knees. Necrul gave his brother the chance to live only if he promised to help Necrul complete his quest. His brother accepted with some thoughts of doubt for his decision, but it was too late now. It was years since the last time Necrul looked into his fathers eyes. He knew that it would take more than just being a regular human to kill his father, the famed guildmaster. He had to attain more power, and he found that while chasing an innocent child into the woods to a small clearing; Necropolis. From the undead woods, Kraton was watching Necrul plunge his deadly kryss into the boys throat. It turned out that the boy was a mortal enemy of the Undead; The boy was part of the Yew Militia. Necrul saw from the corner of his eye the presence of Kraton, an Ancient One of the Undead, and smiled. From that little jester, Necrul was given the strength of an Unborn. That day, Necrul was opposed by other unborns in a tournament to the death. He came out the victor, and Kraton said the Guardian was pleased with Necrul's work. With Necruls new found confidence, he set off to the warriors guild, in search for his fathers head. The guardian would be pleased for Necrul's example of Evil. He ran to the moongate and teleported through britainia until he landed in the area of Britain. Necrul prepared his weapons of destruction, and set off. It was very dark as Necrul sneaked through the night up to his fathers bed. Necrul knew that only cutting his head off would not be painful enough. He wanted to show the guardian that he is truly evil. He began his reign of terror by locking all doors and barricading any way of getting into the room his father lays. Then he tied his father down to the bed and waited until he awoke, and when he did, his screams of horror were heard by nobody. Necrul ended his fathers life in a very slow, painful manner and was relentless. When he finally finished all of his torture, he got what he came for, and prepared to escape quickly and quietly, which would be hard now that the room was surrounded by warriors that could do nothing but stand and listen to the yelps and screams of their guildmaster. Necrul jumped out of the window with his fathers head, and ran it back to Necropolis, where Kraton examined it and let Necrul know that the Guardian is very pleased. Necrul knew from that day, he would be in undead for a very long time.
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Necrul - Revenge
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