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 Chronicles Of Krell

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PostSubject: Chronicles Of Krell   Sat Mar 03, 2012 2:04 am

The First Encounter!

"Get Up! This time try that lunge with your right ankle turned in this direction and angle to support your weapon with this side of your hip." Kraton howled as he demonstrated.

I got got back to my feet and nodded. "Now try again!" Kraton cackles and readys his mythic presance. Once again this lesson didnt end well for myself.

"Thiss time Krell you moved to sssooon, try Again." Again same result as I find myself picking up myself from the dirt i lay in.

I take a deep breath and shake my head, at this moment I realise I had been re-living one of the many lessons of Death demonstrated by my master the Ancient One. I look down the soon to be my next battle field and see the mortals trying to rally their numbers to face us. So i look to the right and left wondering if our Unborns will live up to what i hope to be a domination of this confrontation. Intresting I could even almost feel that deep breath in one of my many flash backs that are now overcoming my soul that is bound to this skeletal frame.

Moments later im in the middle of the battle field holding a mortal off the ground with my left hand around his neck and plunging my short spear in the middle of his chest, watching the blood run down my weapon it fills me with glee knowing this soul is now harvested off this land. I soon slice his head off his shoulders and his carcass falls to the ground I love the experiance of cradling this head into my bag.

An arrow bounces off my crainium interupting my thoughts of this head, I take aim with my heavy cross bow and release a cleansing shot into the nuisances right eye. Behind him was a warrior draped in very dark metalic armour with a large shield matching his colour of his look, he was pointing his weapon in my direction as if to challenge me.?!?!?!?

My eye sockets burst with red illuminations and I began to chatter my teeth and charge in his direction. I was interupted by sevral of their soldiers as was he with our unborns...! One of my combatants smashed me in the face with his hammer sending splinters of skull to the ground and concaiving my cranium inward shooting down a long wide gaping crack along the forehead portion of my current frame..

"Krell Up now!!!" someone had yelled. My bones raise from the muddy crymson ground, Unborns standing and leaning in and out over the few remaining enemy soldiers they are fighting, at this time my skull was almost re-mended. I grip my bow with my left hand and release a few volleys of arrows killing each target droping these mortals. Those that remained ran as fast as they can and our Wraiths persude them invisibly.

"Nowww we will find where these Meat sacks sssleep!" Kraton stated. I could only wonder about this one warrior who was brave enough to challenge Me? "Krell find them and show them the punishment!" I nod. and grip my cloak and swing it over my shoulders.

Two Days later I find myself in a village that was smitten, the Unborns have proven their enthusiam and worth in the past several days, most of them had made there start to return to our Armoury outside of our Necropolis. One of the enemys scouts sudenly tried to make an attempt on me but this was not designed to end me, it was only to gain my attension. A warrior I encountered once again stands infront of me again unhindered and unwaivering in emotion of fear? 'I dont think he understands what he is about to witness' I think to myself.

"I am challenging You the one they call Krell!"

I cackled at the thought of this mortal challenging me, more so at the thought of his head in my lap that I may drink his soul from his skull. I rush forward I release a portion of my soul into his being. Most that get a taste of my former life often grow weak and nausious as this happend to this simpleton, I move in quicker then even his eye could see and plunged the tip of my long spear into his side. He tried to run and I aloud him to do so. Wathcing him hobble in terror of whats to happen next I ravled in the moment as I pulled the trigger of my heavy crossbow, the bolt impacted into his back.

As I craddled the mans head in my lap I looked up to see no more pitiful Mortals around me, this made me feel pleasant. I looked into the eyes and could only see a reflection of one of the Unborns requiring my assistance on the other side of the lands.

I collect my thoughts and gather my essance of my soul and re-imerge into another skeletal frame infront of the Yewain borders. Across from me was an Unborn on his side clutching a wound that was bothering him.

"Who dares disterb Me, in my glorious ways and what is the meaning of this abomination?"

"I am Paxel of the Vesper Republic, I challenge You Krell the Decaptator!" This was the warrior I was ment to encounter in my first offensive that was rudley disrupted in the first major offensive. He regriped his large dark shield that matched the tones of his metalic armour.

I pulled one of my spears and readied it in my hand "Hmmm, I am most entertained at the Idea that I am now angry you should disturb ME!!! More entertained at the idea that I will hold your filthy head in the palm of my hand and extinguish the lie you have of your existance and your purpose!"

The warrior did nothing but slam his visor shut and and slowly and causiously march foward. 'Hmm this one is diffrent somehow?' I began to wonder why i couldnt peirce his soul and see his with mine?

I start to march forward seeing shimers of my reflection in his dark armour at the moment a lightning bolt could be seen in the reflection of the pollished obsidian armour. A single rain drop fell onto my shoulder that was absorbed into the fabric of my cloak.

He now stands two steps infront of me and I him.

Now we stand one step away from each other and his hammer is raised and begins to swing on a downward motion with his large shield held firmly infront of him. leaving me not many targets but his head. I step to the right and turn my shoulders and hips to the left evading his hammer and lunge the spear upwards towards his eyes. He quicly moves the shield up a few inches just fast enough to send my spear missing the intended target. Also causing my weapon to be no good in my next defensive manuever against his next blow that was now swingin in a back handed motion.

The hammer struck my chest with the force unfelt in a long time. I was lifted slightly off the ground and now was sitting on my pelvic bone looking up at this warrior who was now sending another hammer blow across in an arcing swing hoping to send my skull flying across the lands. I reached behind me and clutch a short spear from within my chest cavity in between my ribs, I reached up and parried the blow creating momentum to lift me to my feet and also giving me an attack of my own.

I lifted the back side of my short spear over the shield and pulled it slightly back. I was amazed at the resistance of stregnth displayed to keep most of his shield. Most mortal men would have completely lost the shield at my disposal, but not this one. Now that a portion of his shield was off ballance I hammer him in his helmet with my shaft of the spear only to find another hammer blow over my shoulders causing a breakage in my shoulder renduring my left arm immobile for this short time. I some how lost my spear, I reach inside my ribbs and pull out a war fork.

I drop to my knees and extending my left foot outward and thrusting it at the inner ankle of my combatant causing him to fall down i drop and role over top of him thrusting the fork down at him sevral times never finding a fleshy mark, Until i reached over and unsheithed one of my daggers and plunged it into his right thigh.

He reached over top of me grabed my shoulder with his hand and pulled me off ballance long enough for him to scurry out of the prone position we both returned to our feet. My shoulder was remended in the moment it took to return to standing position. I broke one of my ribbs off and it grew into another shortspear.

"Youuu are unlike any mortal I have ever faced??" I anounced.

He simply gathered his wits and tucked his shield back infront of him.

"I will not take this one lightly Mortal.!" I followed up and a flood of memorys came crashing into my soul of one of many Kraton war lessons.

We both rush at each other again.

to be continued......
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PostSubject: Chronicles of Krell. Continued.   Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:20 pm

First Encounter continued.

As we rushed at each other at the last moment we both stop and faint each other, It seemed I needed to re-evaluate my opposition. Again I press my spear forward and pull it back ready for a defencive posture and he respondes with a faint of his own, we now find ourselfs circling slowly around trying to find a weak spot in our war posture. I take one step to the right, he takes one as well. I take a couple of steps left and he does the same keeping me infront.

I jab my foot forward and lunge my spear at him he steps back and raises his shield, a clank was heard as he deflected my probing stab with his shield. He steps forward thrusting his hammer causously foward and turn my spear and move the hammer blow away. I swing my spear from the right to the left hoping to fake out his next deflection, he moves his shield to interupt 'Hah! I knew it this time ill obliterate him' I thought to myself however instead his hammer interupted my finishing swing by intercepting my blow with his shaft of the hammer, then I saw the shield being thrusted toward me. This manuever was most unnexpected all I could do was bend my knees and lower my shoulder to steady my feet. A crashing force impacted my shoulder sending me slightly off balance.

I see his hammer now coming from the side and I am still off ballanced, I raise my off arm and expose my palm outward catching his swinging wrist. I was in no possition to parry or stop this blow with my shakey footing however ill use his momentum against himself. I clutch his wrist tighter and pull it over my oposite shoulder falling to the ground trying to whip him over me so that i could role on top of him again, as I rolled my backside along the ground and him over me I noticed he repositioned his feet as to return to his feet swiftly. I only had enough time to do the same, once again we both stood and staired at each other.

'Who iss thisss? How iss he able to keep up with me???' I continued to think to my self. I began to feel one of my fangs dripping with toxin, I reached up and plucked this fang from my skull and crushed it quickly and felt the sap in my boney palms. I raised my spear and adressed my enemy with an arms of salute waiving my spear in an excentric fashion then i whiped the tip of my spear at the end of the code of arms salute. "Not bad Mortal, Now its time to end thisssss!" I began to cackle knowing that my weapons are now going to be toxic to him.

He tightend his grip on his hammer and moved it forward across his left shoulder and down to his abdomen and back up infront of his right shoulder creating a salute of the letter "V", then he pointed the hammer in my direction.

I nodded and slowly moved in his direction, he began to run in mine as if he found a new confidence. He once again swung his hammer only this time he started from a low angle creating a form of an uppercut, I gripped my spear with both hands and parried his uppercut midway. I counter with the tip of my spear swinging sideways at him, he manuevers the shield across to stop my spear tip from peircing him. I then move the back end of my spear to meet his head where his ear would be. A loud clank was heard from the force of my shaft hitting him in the head, as i turned the spear to take advantage of his exposed position I found my self suddenly propelled backward by one step from a kick he landed in my torso i didnt see.

He once again he goes for a shield thrust and swung his hammer from above, I reach up and parry the hammer with my spear and spun my shoulder and hip to met his sheild. I raise my albow above his sheild and thrust it into his face, this knocks him back a step. I pivot on my left heal and spin around the shield ending up behind him slightly and thrust my spear once again at him, he responded by lowering his center of gravity closer to the ground and raised his elbow to stop my spear from becoming a fatal blow. However the tip of my short spear had peirced his shoulder slightly but no crymson liquid could be seen. With his shield elbow he twisted the other way hitting me on the otherside forcing me back, we both paused for breath.

'Now I have him the toxin will sink in as he will become weaker' I stated to myself in my thoughts. The Vesperian shrugged his shoulders and streched slightly before once again advancing.

I quickly drew my heavy crossbow for a quick hip shot, he just as quickly deflected the shot with the heater shield and swung an overhand hammer swing at me. I ducked under it and stabbed at his right foot, he then raises it for me to stab the dirt we fought over, he then extends his elbow into my chest which creates time for his hammer to break into my rib cage. I turned my shoulders slightly creating his arm that held his hammer to be slightly extended. I sent an upper cut at his elbow creating a hyperextention of this limb. I was glad to see him back away but equally unhappy to be hitting the dirt face first from a spinning hammer blow that smashed me to the ground from the back side.

As I rose to my feet I could see him trying to flex out his discomfort from his elbow of the arm that swung his hammer. I watched for any sighns for my toxins to take affect and I saw none. 'How is this possible?' I thought to myself? He answered my question by charging at me yet again!

He swings his hammer from my left to my right I deflect this blow and send one of my own which he deflects, we both continue this for several moments with no major impacts on each other finding their mark until I finally was able to pierce him in his other thigh with my poisoned tip spear. This was the only effective blow for several minutes.

Once again I dont understand this mortal and how he could still be standing from the toxin he has had to withstand and the wounds on his legs should have at least slowed him down slightly but this was not the case. He did seem bothered by the pain in his elbow but this did not waiver him much.

'Okay time to use my gifts on this one.' I coached myself in my head.

I moved in his direction, once again he steadied his shield. I swung my spear wildly at him he parried with the shield and thrusted his hammer into my neck, gravity was now weightless I looked down and saw my feet off the ground I channeled my thoughts and my soul into the ground behind him. Everything was dark for a brief moment as he spun around to figure out what had happend behind him, I re-emerged behind him from the ground. My bones suddenly had broken apart and re-essembled behind him, my cloak flowed quickly as my spear lunged into his side of his torso, he was just quick enough to lean in one direction making this blow non leathal. the response of this action was met with a virgorous pommel bash to the top of my skull, I look down to see some of my teeth crushed and falling to the ground creating a deranged snow effect. My skull tilts from side to side with whiplash motions, Im not sure but I am Stunned for the first time in my Immortal existense by somone outside of my kin.

I felt a couple more bone crunching hammering blows to my back side as all I could do was scamper in one direction. As I crawled on my hands and knees, one of my hands was missing some finger bits of bones and my right foot was no longer attached to the rest of my boney structure. Kaaarrrack!!!!! Antoher bone crushing blow was delivered to my skull forcing it to the ground, the back of it now had a gaping hole showing skull fragrments inside of it. My face lifted off the ground with a worm dangling out of it and dirt clanking around inside my skull. He smashed his boot over my spine forcing my chest cavity back to the ground, my head was once again swiveling with miner whiplashing movements and more debris was spilling out of my broken skull and my cloak was dangling over me motionless.

"Krell Your coming with me!" He growled with his foot still firmly supporting his weight on my spine, I struggle to lift myself but was only able to keep my face from the ground. I turned my head to meet his gaze, this was exposing the temple of my skull to him but at least I could get a view of what was about to happen.

Paxel of Vesper raised his hammer above his head and held it high his fingers gripping the handle of his hammer and preparing for a mighty blow his other hand had planted the sheild on the back of my neck. The cheek bone was now pinned back to the ground, the worm still dangles in my jaw and starts to slither.

The hammer still held high the warrior lets out a grunt and begins to deliver the hammer down towards the side of my cracked skull. The impact of the hammer was loud and forcefull. My apandages shockwaved off the ground and fell limply back down to the ground, My body was not responding and my limbs where not moving and now my skull is half burried and split in two, and some how the worm was still in my jaw line! The worm was joined by another two more that fell from the tree above and landed into the skull cavity.

To Be Continued....

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PostSubject: Chronicles of Krell   Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:36 pm

First Encounter Cont.......

Looking down at the lifeless Bone Warrior, Paxel took a deep breath and moved off the statueqe form of Krell. The only thing moving at this time was the three worms starting to slither out of the skull and trying to burrow back into the damp soil.

He reached his hammer down and nudged the skeletal form threw the tatered ringmail tunic and the cloak still had his foot print on the small of the spinal section of it, he nudged it again and some of the very small pepples from his foot print rolled slightly creating a distroted version of his foot print. One half of the skull roles away from itself and settles neatly on its cheek side showing the internal side of the skull like a cracked egg in two separate peices from each other.

"Okay your now coming with me finally!" the obsidian warrior opens a bag and reaches for his rope planing to bound the skeletal frame, he bends over and a gentle clank was heard on his back and continued to repeat this sound as something rolled down his lower back and a soft thud was heard impacting on top of the cloak.

Paxel quickly looked at what the foriegn object that invaded his space was and saw a small ivory looking rock about the size of a fore finger. it had a score of worms slithering all over it. Then a few more worms sprinkled the cloak from above.

He quickle extending his arm reaching for his hammer at the same time spinning his head glancing upword to see what was above him, a loud cackle and teeth chatter could be heard from above.

I stood above this unuasual obsidian warrior on a tree branch holding a bag, I was emptying the contents of my bag a few more bones and worms protruded from this bag landing all over him a couple of skulls bounced off him. My other hand was used to stable me by gripping the tree branch with both my feet firmly on the same branch. I was in a hunched position, I left the bag open and I drop down and on the way down I cradled the bag open with both my hands.

Just before my feet hit the damp ground next to my cloak I position the bag over his head and kick his hammer away from him.

"Fool do you think I am Immortal by chanccccce and stumbled upon this on accccedent?" this statement was followed by more cackling as I release another kick to his chest region as he was managing to raise his shield for protection.

He clumsly falls on his back flailing his free arm to break his fall.

"I was chosen for thissss for a reassson!!!" I follow this gloat with a foot stomp to his head region that still contained the bag over it, he quickly tries to free his vision from the bag. I reach down gripping his neck and raise him off the ground with one arm and slam him against the tree, his back was pinned to the tree.

He was still trying to reach up for the bag over his head, I quickling throw a right cross staight into his helmet releasing a loud KALLACKING sound. He does get a grip on the bag.

"And nowwww I shall show you the same respects as many othersss before meeee!" I reach into my scabberd from the left side of my belt and unshieth my decapitation Kryss, his legs where kicking and flailing sometimes kicking the heels against the tree trunk.

As he pulls the bag off his head I could see the many dents upon his head protection as well as all over his body. The armour was no longer polished but skuffed up and dented. Mine was tattered and falling to bits as his blunt weapons had smashed a lot of links and breaking them.

The only thing I could see of him was his eyes widen as he processes the suprising events, the eyes where not showing panic but more so of urgency. I had no choice but to respect this as I lifted my Kryss over my right shoulder with my right hand and the left hand still held him by his throat against the tree. He reached up with his right knee and twisted his hips and kicked out to block my decapitation swing, he then drops his shield to the ground and brought both his hands down on my arm at the elbow that supported him against the tree causing my limb to unlock to a bent position. His feet hit the ground.

I tried to thrust my Kryss into his belly but he stepped to the right and caught my arm with his left arm. His right hand grips my blade and twists it in the direction toward my tumb, sending the blade behind my thumb causing me to fumble and loose my weapon.

I reach down to grab it and was stopped by a knee to the top of the bridge of my nose, I throw out a right cross that conects with his head and was met by the same attack I just threw out. We continue to exchange blows, he now grips his shield off the ground and begins using it like a club until I stop this club with my arms. My fingers tighten their grip on his make shift new weapon when suddenly he reaches from behind the shield revealing a war axe and swings it down onto my left arm crunching the bones and rendering my limb separated onto the ground.

I reach behind my back thrusting another kryss up into his arm that contained his war axe, causing him to let out a scream of anguish as he was forced to drop his weapon. My Kryss was left in his arm and we once again stair at each other for a few more moments.

We both now point at each other with our only healthy arm signalling our hunger for a victor in this encounter, he slowly removes my kryss from his arm. And still I dont understand why my poison isnt having any effect. We both start to march towards each other yet again matching each others paces, step for step we edge closer.

A lightning bolt comes crashing down several meters from us causing a tree to split and ignite into flames from behind it came a very fast shadowy figure we both couldnt quit make out the shape of this person or entity before it rushed toward at the both of us.

The figure moved so quickly we bearly had enough time to take a step, I had never seen such a mystery and began to run to the right and he went to the left. The figure had rushed into me sending me flying out of the way in the same direction as the obsidian warriors path. Before I had landed on the ground I saw the man in a flowing decreped red robe and a mask wisking by continuing his movement chasing the warrior.

The mask I will never forget as the back of his head looked semi misshappen perhaps it was his speed that distorted his image to me? His scent on his soul was of intent of the harm he caused to many. I couldnt determine if he was pure evil or still mortal or what he was.

both the Entity of Evil and the Obsidian warrior known as Paxel was now out of my sight. If this thing was not undead or unborn, what the hell was it? Or Who? When I was Mortal I could only think of child hood storys still told till this day of the Boogie Man.

I picked up my cloak and dusted the footprint out of it and sweeped it over my shoulder. I gathered my trophies and spair parts back into my bag, collected my weapons and snarled at the thought of this development and walked back to the undead armoury.

I opened the door and was greeted by my Immortal companion Vilewolf and a couple of Unborns, one of the unborns looked puzzled at my appearance somehow?

"What iss it?" I asked as I looked at Vilewolf motioning and pointed at my head and neck. I moved my hands up to feel my appearance and felt two of my disks on my neck out of place and my skull was leaning to the left in the most unusual way. My hands then gripped my skull and twist it back into shape and correcting the appearance, when this happend bone cracking and snapping sounds could be heard the unborns slightly winced.

"You!" I pointed at one of these fleshbags and continued to speak "Does this amuse you? Does this look more fitting?"

"Y, Y.. Ye.. Yee,,, Yesss Vile Krell!" One of them responed

"Good im glad you approve." and I nod.

"Brother Krell I have New mortal neighbors thats needs our attention." Vile Ghosted into my head.

I nod he then waives his hands and a dark portal rips open infront of him and the unborns steps threw it as I do. We stand infront of Viles chapel doors only to be greated by couple of mortal mages, they had expersions of confusion and hatred. I didnt like this, their expresions should be that of fear and panic. We have to correct this mistake I thought to myself.

To be continued in the next story arc Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Chronicles Of Krell   

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Chronicles Of Krell
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