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 Vottics Tale

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PostSubject: Vottics Tale   Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:32 pm

Bang! Bang! Vottic heres that somebody is banging on the door. “Vottic! Vottic get up you lazy bum!” Vottic looks around the room to take in the view. He sees that he is in a small room with a dim candle about ready to go out. “How did I get here?” Vottic pondered. “The last thing I can remember is training with High Knight Crovax and his squad of elite swordsman. Bang, Bang! “ Vottic! In order to even be considered a knight you have to at least be on time!” Vottic thought to himself, “Late for what?” Another bang on the door this time a different voice was heard, “Squire Vottic, this is your commanding officer Crovax of the High Knight Counsel, you must make haste training began 30 minitues ago”
Vottic Scurried around the room looking for his belongings. He slipped his chain mail on and polished of his short sword “Great now I'm really going to get punished with drills and running” Vottic said regretfully. Vottic opened up the door where he was standing face to face with Crovax. “ A tad late aren't we?” Crovax said with a stern look. “ Sorry sir, I don't know what happened yesterday, I don't even know how I ended up in that room over there.” Vottic tried as he could but could not remember what circumstances cam upon him to forget what had happened yesterday. Crovax laughed and then a serious look appeared on his face. “Listen Vottic, you are very strong, but strength alone a Knight does not make. It requires wisdom, experience, and well in your case common sense.” Vottic looked puzzled. “Common sense sir? What exactly happened yesterday?”
A bell rang from outside near the courtyard. “I will explain on the way” Vottic and Crovax headed out of the room. They walked down a long hallway and out a set of double doors with the Britain insignia on it. Vottic looked up at the sky, judging by where the sun was, he estimated that it was probably around noon. Vottic looked around town and then down toward the training yard where he spent most of his time training to become a Knight of Britain. “One can not simply rush in to battle swinging with anger and rage. Rage clouds the judgment and lack of good decisions. Vottic you may be near the top of your class but you need to learn to control rage. It will get the better of you one day and you may just lose your life, or an allies life the way you thrash about the battlefield.”
After Crovax's lecture Vottic joined the others in the training hall. There he was met by his friend Mavric. Mavric was always better than Vottic, He always out matched him. The only thing Vottic had over Mavric was his strength. This was not always the case though. Through rigorous training and sparring with Mavric he became a powerhouse. “How are you feeling today Vottic? Better than yesterday I presume?” Vottic looked confused. “What do you mean Mavric?” Mavric chuckled a bit, “ Does your brain not register the toll your body takes when your on the receiving end of a sword? Or do you just charge blindly into a fight and throw everything you were tought to the wind?” Vottic temper was starting to rise. Mavric added “You are either very brave, or very foolish.... I’m leaning more towards foolish.” Crovax put his hand on Vottics shoulder. “He speaks the truth young one, hopefully you will learn with experience. Vottic thought to himself “Its not foolishness, when I'm pent up with rage, I cant think of anyone that can hold a candle to my strength”. Vottic shrugged.
As the day went on training commenced between the Squires of Britain when Crovax made an announcement “ It's time for some dueling!”. Mavric laughed. “Whats the point? No one can beat the Mav!” Vottic grabbed an ax from the weapons rack. “An ax Vottic? An odd choice... Have you been hit in the head with a rock as of late?” Vottic shouted “Mavric hold your tongue for I shall not be second best this day! Crovax started reading off names. Then came Mavrics first fight, it was against one of the freshly new squires his name was Petey. “Well that’s hardly a fair fight Mavric!” Vottic exclaimed. “Hey I didn’t pick who I was going to fight that’s just the way it goes.” Mavric unsheathed his sword as Pete polished off his mace. “On my count Squires!” Crovax began counting down. “Three!” Everything became silent. “Two!” The anticipation from everyone was rising. “One!”
Mavric gripped his sword tightly. “Commence!” Petey rushed straight for Mavric raising his mace above his head. CLANG! Mavric had parried the blow effortlessly with his sword and kicked Petey in the stomach forcing him back. Petey began to regain himself as Mavric rushed and began to go on the offensive. Mavric smirked. Mavric thrust his sword in the ground and used it for leverage for a very devastating kick to the chest of Petey. “Guh!” Petey became winded. Mavric took his blade out of the ground and span the blade around smacking Petey in the face with the handle of his sword. “I’ve never seen anyone fight like this!” Petey exclaimed. Petey raised his mace one more time for a strike but the swiftness of Mavric's blade ended it quickly. Mavric had struck Petey in the chest enough to make him lose his wind a second time but not render him completely useless. Mavric Sheathes his sword. “You think you have won? You will pay for underestimating me.” Petey charged forward for a third time. Mavric sighed and without hesitation pulled out a bow from his pack readied a dull blunt arrow and fired it at Petey. Vottic thought to himself, “When did Mavric learn to use a bow?” The arrow was dead on as it struck Petey in the chest. If it had been a sharpened arrow it would had hit his heart for sure.
“Enough!” Crovax jumped in the middle. “This duel is over... The winner is Mavric.” People applauded. “I didn’t even break a sweat” Mavric said with great pride. After a few more battles it came down to Vottic, and Mavric. “This is the day were I shall triumph.” Vottic said grabbing his ax. “I wouldn’t count on it” Mavric said with a grin. Crovax announced “This is the final duel for today. Mavric against Vottic” Vottic Gripped his ax tight. “Commence!” The battle was underway. Vottic made the first move. He charged at Mavric but remembering what Mavric had done to Petey he slowed down almost to a stop staring at Mavric. “You just going to stand there and be useless Vottic?” Mavric laughed. Vottic took his ax and started a back swing. Mavric grabbed his sword and thrust it forward towards Vottic. “To slow Vottic. You wont ever hit me with that spee...” Crack! A punch from Vottic shut Mavric up in mid speech. “I guess that’s my mistake for leaving an opening” He glared harshly at Vottic. “Now for the real fight!” Mavric had jumped into the air sword preparing for a strike. Clang! Vottic blocked the sword with his ax. Mavric spun around hitting Vottic in the head with his elbow. “Tch caught of guard” Vottic muttered to himself. Vottic spun around, now face to face with Mavric he started circling around Mavric, waiting for and opportune moment. “This is pointless” Vottic thought. Vottic rushed in. Mavric with a smile countered Vottics rush and sliced him in the arm with his sword. “It's just a scratch it will heal” Vottic reassured himself.
Vottic attempted another lunge at Mavric, Mavric had hit his other arm. “I cant get through his defense” Vottic stared questioning. Vottic had a crazy idea that might just work. He lunged straight forward a third time. “Will you ever learn?” Mavric said regretfully. Vottic made no intention of dodging the attack. The sword had struck the side of his leg and Vottic grabbed the sword and pushed in toward himself. “What are you insane?” Mavric Exclaimed. Vottic hand still on Mavric sword pulling it so Mavric couldn’t recover his blade. Vottic swung his ax with the other hand. “Got you this time!” Vottic pronounced. Mavric had let go of his blade, and kicked off Vottic pushing himself backward and grabbed his bow and readied and arrow simultaneously. He let the arrow go and it pierced Vottic in the shoulder.
“Enough!” Crovax interrupted. Vottic charged Mavric. “Vottic I said enough!” Coming to his senses Vottic calmed down and came to his senses. “Mavric! Vottic! My camber now!” Crovax said in anger. Mavric new what he had done, had accidentally grabbed a sharpened arrow that had hit Vottic. “Wonder what I did?” Vottic pondered. All three marched down the hall into Crovax's Private courters. The door shut with a huge thud.
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Vottics Tale
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