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 The Collective

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PostSubject: The Collective   Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:07 pm

As most of you know here pretty soon I'm going to be starting up a new division within The Undead called "The Collective". Thanks to a ton of help from Krell, Nappa, and Vile we have a lot of awesome ideas and even a tower placement upcoming for us. The whole idea behind The Collective is for The Undead to have a non-combat division. A division in which we can just roleplay with others. Anyone who wishes to Roleplay in a non-hostile environment will be aloud to join up. The only stipulation to joining The Collective is that when you plan to JUST roleplay you wear a specific orange colored robe to indicate your intentions. I will have plenty of robes for everyone and even members who aren't in UND will be aloud to wear a robe and participate in The Collective's events. A couple guidelines to The Collective are:

-Weapons are allowed, but for decoration only. Do not go into war stance, it expresses hostility towards others.
-Should roleplay become eventually hostile, members must speak to the opposing party to set up a SEPARATE place for combat. We don't need people running around the RP area killing each other in a supposed non-hostile environment.
-Should guild based combat erupt in a different area and lead into the non-hostile roleplaying environment, under no circumstances are the members of The Collective allowed to heal/help their guild member during combat.
-All members are to keep their robe on at all times during roleplaying. We don't need people coming in using the robe as a simple means to killing warred guilds.

There are other things that you guys should, and will, know about The Collective as time goes on. Tonight we have a meeting with the Yew Militia's officers/leaders and I plan to talk to them about a few things. Maybe even have some of them flying the orange robes.

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PostSubject: Re: The Collective   Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:34 am

Ark lets get the collective started on IPY 3. Here is your chance to take the guild to a place how you want it!
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The Collective
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