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 Enigma UO!

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PostSubject: Enigma UO!   Wed May 02, 2012 9:53 am

Good ssoulss!!

Long time no see.

I would like to show you guys the only pre-alpha UO shard out there: EnigmaUO. The map, animation, monster, item graphics are all extracted exactly from the pre-alpha client here. The shard staff did also implement some new, long-forgotten early UO graphics from the early beta period, such as these robes and the lich (remember the statue?Smile :

More graphical updates are coming.

I would really love all existent Undead members to come other to Enigma, because, well, you should. This shard rocks. I bet not many of us have seen such a hardcore server in MANY years.

Some brief features:

1. New magic/mantra system. You can type spell mantra for spell to work! For example: In Por Ylem (case sensitive)

2.Very oldschool and RP-friendly atmosphere (no ugly bold white text where its possible), no neons, no "Trammy name" [blessed] items etc.

3. VERY (!!!) hardcore ruleset:

1) Guards no longer instantly kill you in towns. Instead, tehre are many guards patrolling various city areas. They are strong but you can get away from them which means way more possibilities for in-town actions.

2) No secure containers, no friend/ban lists. Houses are very vulnerable, but it's very fun. There are two types of houses: out of town, which you can buy and town housing which you can RENT. The same ruleset for both types of housing.

4. Very small map. Just Britain and surrouding farms/forest. This makes it very easy to find other players and interact. In Pre-alpha there was only a Britain map. Map is constantly being updated with new locations/features/decoration added.

5. Many interesting quests you can do.

6. Custom crafting system (tailoring, alchemy, carpentry, blacksmithing).

7.!!! New UO feature ever !!! When the tree is chopped down it becomes a log (!) and then it takes several days (up to a week) for it to grow back via various steps of growing.

8. Just a great shard for RP needs and new (semi-new? )experience.

Even such great shards as IPY do not match. Features of EnigmaUO are truely unique and I think this is the very first shard ever to recreate UO 96' beta graphics as well as add many great features you will never find on avarage shard.

Come join and lets collect some ssoulls (and yes, you can cut heads Very Happy).


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Enigma UO!
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