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 A thought awaiting Undead input

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PostSubject: A thought awaiting Undead input   Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:35 pm

While I was away, I noticed something that I think I needed an outsider perspective on. I noticed UND as a guild were failing. And I'm not talking about failing in the UO versions, they were fine (or not depending on circumstances). What UND guilds that were failing were the non UO versions at least the one I encountered.

I had created a character and became one in the first group of Crimson Alliance guild that established that branch in Star Wars: Galaxies. SWG before Sony screwed with it was one of the most fun games I ever played. I was dedicated to CA fully and it took some time before I created and started to enjoy a lone character outside of that environment.

My new purpose was to establish a Undead branch on that same shard. The goal was to make a new guild name for the UND because it didn't sound right to be called the Undead, at least at the time. I wanted to create a criminal gang and have closer ties to Jabba than the Empire but we weren't above doing their dirty work for the right price. My character became one of Jabba's men. I passed all the quests and made Jabba's Palace my base of ops. I also acquired a very large house on Tatooine.

And then came the day when I discovered Undead had already expanded a branch to SWG. I saw some members. they were actually role playing undead and slurring their speeches. I wanted to laugh because I thought it looked ridiculous but instead I was disappointed. Creating another group when there was an official group would've created conflict. I dropped the whole idea.

Very little has changed years later. UND is still clinging to UO shards with the same structure and RP which is fine if you only want to play UO but what of other games? I don't hear of any official branches in other MMORPGs. Maybe it's time for a new guild name that can encompass what it means to be an evil guild period. Maybe Undead needs to drop the Undead persona in other games and just be downright evil, badass or criminal (however you like it). A new guild name that can be stretched to other gaming realms would help. Shadowclan Orcs dropped the "Orcs" for their move but "The Undead" can't drop the Undead and go with "The".

Maybe that is something that needs to be considered in future.
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A thought awaiting Undead input
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