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 The Undead Rules

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PostSubject: The Undead Rules   Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:38 pm

The Sacred Rules of the Undead

Rank Policy

All members must follow the direct orders of all members from higher ranks. The current ranking system is as follows;

Ancient, Archon, Elder Member, Full Member Undead, Unborn and Slave

Of course, this system has not been created to be abused by those of higher ranks. If someone believes that someone is "abusing" their authority, please bring it to the attention of someone of higher rank. Anyone who is judged to be abusing their authority will be treated as having refused to follow orders.

Rules When at Orc Fort

1. Do not ride mounts in the fort. Only time it is accepted is during a large battle and only for a few seconds. You may not stand in the fort with a mount. If you have a horse, ask for a gate to the pig pen if you will be there for a while and keep your horse in there.

2. When on Orc land or Orc trips, listen to the Grunts and do as they say or remove yourself from the trap/fort area until they are finished what they were doing. We are the equivilant of Gruntees while we are there.

3. When in an Orc trap either hide or do what is told of you or leave the trap area until complete. Go along with Orc tactics or lat wil be klomped.

4. Do not use the fort as your "guard zone". If you are outside and fighting mortals do not run inside the fort with them on your tail. If you do not do "Fort Defense" then you are on your own.

5. Do not chase off the mortals from the fort area. If you are mounted do not chase the mortals more than a screen from the Fort, if you do the Orcs will not be able to fight also. Keep them in the Fort area at all times if possible.

6. If you have broken a rule of the Fort expect to be killed as it their way of punishment. If you run or fight back your punishment will only be more severe. Do not take it as a personal attack, or anything such for you will be rezzed and all your things will be there.

7. The most important thing is RESPECT! Respect the Orcs and their rules and you will do just fine. *smiles*

Hang around the Orc Fort for a few days and ask some of the Grunts to explain things to you if you do not know them such as Fort Defense and some of their hide traps. You will be glad you did when the time comes.

Graverobbing (*Looting*) Policy

You will die a lot, but so will other players. If you vanquish a foe, you can take his/her items at your own discretion, however, we do not condone dry-looting unless the person is a known griefer, scammer or cheater. You may also dry-loot anyone who has "griefed" you in the past, but be ready for the questions on why you did it. The only items you should take are things you can use (gold, bandages, arrows, food, etc..). Reasons for not looting another player can be many; honor shown in battle, it was a duel, he has almost nothing, other player is obviously new and so on. Once again, Undead are a roleplaying guild, do not loot excessively unless you have a direct use for the other players items.

Promotion from Unborn Status Policy

This is a simple rule; Do not ask when you will be made a full member. If you ask, your time will be made longer. Unborn members are such until the Ancient Ones decide that they are indeed worthy of becoming a full Undead Minion. So, don't ask. If you do, your time will be lengthened, and if you repeatedly ask, you will be asked to leave our guild.

The quickest way to become full Undead is to be active, gather rescources without being asked, follow the rules and roleplay well. All of these will get you noticed very quickly.

Out of Character (*OOC*) Policy

Out of Character talk will not be tolerated. This includes all facets of roleplaying, including combat. We are looking to have a good time by roleplaying an Undead Minion. So, we will not tolerate people talking OOC in game. If you have a comments to make, make them over ICQ. Do NOT make them in game. The only time that you should make OOC remarks is in some sort of emergency. Plain and simple. This means that you should never talk about Stats, Skills, Macroing, your Dog in real life, etc. All these things can be discussed via ICQ, party chat or UOAutomap and should be left out of the game. The only OOC comment that will be allowed is giving someone your soulsend (ICQ) number. All Undead members are expected to remain IC (or In Character) at all times. Of course, there will be times when those who are outside of the roleplaying community attempt to talk to you in OOC manners. My answer to your question of how to deal with them is simple. Either, respond to them in an IC manner or ignore them. Regardless of which you do, do not go OOC! Using emotes is not an acceptable means of communicating OOC information, don't do it. Complaining, whining or responding in an OOC manner while in game will promptly see you being removed from the guild with minimal warnings.

Whining Policy

No whining will be tolerated at any time. If you are going to whine you will be out of the guild. We have no problems having people bring their views and opinions to us. However, do it in a calm manner, and accept the outcome. We try to work with everyone, but it is a well known fact that nobody gets what they want all the time. So, accept the outcome and work with us. Whine all the time, and you will be seeking a different guild.
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The Undead Rules
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