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PostSubject: Races/Castes/Ranks   Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:39 pm

Each shard does things differently. I'm only going to list rules for Divinity.

Anything goes! If it's undead and you want to RP it then be my guest just make sure you stay in character!

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Posts : 95
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PostSubject: Re: Races/Castes/Ranks   Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:40 pm

Old Information from past shards


--Skeleton (title "Bone *caste/rank*")
General information-Skeletons are the backbone of the Undead. Raised by the Guardian himself these creatures know no fear or pain. The were sent into the land for one purpose and one purpose alone... to collect souls for the guardian.
Speech- Skeletons do talk with a lisp and use all undead terminology.

--Daemons (title "Daemon *caste/rank*)
General Information-Daemons are one of the most feared servents of the guardian. Spawned in the well of souls, Daemons were brought forth to assist their undead brothers in the destruction of mankind. Not being as large as their kin the Balrons these daemons are able to slip into dark corners and wait for their dinner (could be you!) to walk by.
Speech-Daemon speech varies depending on the sex and age of a daemon. Some Daemons talk with a lisp as the skeletons do while others some to roar when then speak.

--Vampire (title "Vampire *caste/rank*")
General Information- Vampires are noted as one of the most inteligent castes of the Undead. Usually hundreds of years old, the vampires have learned to infiltrate the humans gaining vital information for the side of evil. Vampires are the only caste that may have a familiar. During your unborn stage if you wish to become a vampire you must ask the highest ranking vampire before you become one.
Speech-Vampires speak almost like mortals slipping at times due to their fangs..

--Wraiths (title ("Wraith *caste/rank*")
General Information- Wraiths are non-corporial beings who seem to float just about the ground. They act as assassins, striking quickly then vanishing into thin air.
Speech-Wraiths speak the same as the skeletons of the undead.


Warriors, Magi, and Mage Knights. Keeping this pretty simple if you cast spells your a magi if you use melee your a warrior. If you do both then you're a Mage Knight.


Slave - Blues that do all the running for the guild. They may wear any clothing or armor, but unborn colors or full undead colors are prefered if fighting in the field. Most of the time they are doing crafts or gathering items, so uniforms are not nessarry.

Unborn - Canadates for full undead They must wear the unborn colored robes. Do not complain about the robe, just wear it. No capes, you may wear a plain apron if you wish.

Undead - full undead who have passed unborn stage. No capes.

Elder - undead who have been with the guild for a long time. Same clothing restrictions as full undead.

Archon - Leaders of a certain races. Same clothing restictions as full undead.

Ancient - The leader/leaders of the guild. The Ancients decisions must be respected.
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