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 Ultime Online on Warcraft

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PostSubject: Ultime Online on Warcraft   Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:56 am


It's basically WoW with a UO ruleset. Bloodclan orcs are playing there and looks like it might be good fun. Below is some information on it.

-Full world PVP
-Item drops on death or suicide (1-12 items from equipped and bagged)
-Protective guards in town and starting areas (but not invincible)
-100% inter-faction game-play supported
-Guilds can have horde or alliance
-Groups can have horde or alliance
-Raids can have horde or alliance
-You can talk to anyone from either faction
-No arenas (all PVP is world based)
-Mark/Recall spells (like Ultima)
-Reduced spawn rates of all Bosses, creatures, in the world and dungeons
-All instances are singletons i.e. anyone can go into an instance at anytime grouped or not because there is only 1 instance.
-Repopulated zones for higher level content control
-Repopulated resource nodes for crafters to control
-Guild and Player housing
-Guilds will be able to control major cities as well like stormwind and ironforge
-Decorate your house with over 1,000 items from our object database
-Protect your garrison with CANNONS and other siege weapons.
-Custom itemization and new world events and items.
-Money drops x 15
-Starting mount (under pets tab)
-Mob kill XP x 10
-Quest XP x 3
-Rested XP x 2
-Exploration XP x 2
-Green Item drop rates x 10
-Blue item drop rates x 6
-Purple item drop rates x 3
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PostSubject: Re: Ultime Online on Warcraft   Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:51 pm

Woah, actually sounds pretty cool. Dunno about the MASSIVE xp gain increase but otherwise sounds pretty nice. That's saying a lot considering it's WoW. Not sure if this is enough to get me to play though. Smile
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Ultime Online on Warcraft
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