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 The Guardian

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PostSubject: The Guardian   Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:45 pm

In the begining, there was form and substance and energy. Gathered within the womb of darkness was the Guardian; a great and formidable power, a dark power.

Over many millenia the Guardian grew strong and powerful. Yet, He realized over time that He was not alone. Other intelligent forms had begun to take shape in the center of what was along side him. The Guardian being older and wiser watched in the shadows as the history of creation unfolded.

The substance combined with form, and took parts of the elemental energies which swirled about, fusing together. This union we call Sosaria. As the ages passed, Sosaria became populated by many different races. Over the centuries, they warred, evolved and covered the lands. Some of these races found ways to tap into the greater forces of the beyond. This ability to tap into these forces became known by many names; majik, mojo and magic to name a few. As the mortal races learned more and more about how to harness these powers, they were able to call upon greater and greater powers. This angered the Guardian, for He felt that the powers of the beyond were His alone to command, and these puny mortals were tapping into them. Some even learned the art of returning ones soul to their flesh. Yet, tenacious little creatures that they were, they always wanted more. The time had come to put a stop to their poking and prodding of the vast and infinite beyond. These blasphemers had brought down the wrath of the Guardian upon themselves.

The Guardian created strongholds in the mountains against the infidels and made them sacred to himself. He filled them with his minions, and caused them to fester and grow strong in their hatred towards all who opposed His will. Knowing that these mortals feared death, so He claimed some of these places of death as His own. Thus, He had his servants raid the lands of the mortals and take their souls, to add to His own power. The mortals proved to be stronger than at first He had given them credit for. They used the pure light of goodness against His work. So, He realized that the mindless creatures he controlled, although strong and fearless, lacked the lessons of the flesh, and thus the means by which He could turn the tide of this battle against them.

Among the races of the living, He found the Orc tribes. He guided them as they grew, teaching them to destroy all others; man in particular. The Orcs, with their love of the Wargod (Guardian), served His purpose well. He realized in his ruminations that a power would be needed to bind His minions to a greater purpose and to act as a catalyst to spread fear and hatred into the hearts of man. To undo what had been done unwisely and undo all of creation.

To his surprise and amusement, some humans understood his greater purpose, worshipped Him and spun the dark powers with skill and malice. He took these few into his fold and taught them His lessons. And, powerful did they become.

The Guardian created dark artifacts of great power and hid them for willing seekers to find. However, he was disappointed time after time by the weakness that seemed to be inherient of mortals. A mortal named Mondain had used the Gem of Immortailty to control Sosaria and failed. He lost sight of his Master's plan and tried to use the powerful gem for his own earthly desires. The Guardian was angered by this treachery and allowed him to be undone.

Finally, a solution formed in the Guardian's thoughts. What he required were followers that had learned the lessons of both the flesh and that of death. Those that drank deep from the cup of his dark desire, and sought to bring back into darkness all that was not meant to be.

Thus the Guardians everlasting disciples came into being; the Undead. And unto them, he gave them his sacred mission.
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The Guardian
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