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 UO Saviour

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Krylus Sithis

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PostSubject: UO Saviour   Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:40 pm

This a quote from the lead developer, Zenroth:

A lot of you have asked, what Saviour is all about? We've been hesitant to release a great deal of information in the past, as things tend to change when designing a MMORPG or any software project. This has also been the case with Saviour.

There have also been internal concerns about competition with other player ran shards, and given our long development span it would be possible for some of these shards to copy elements of Saviour.

However, in the interests of transparency with our growing community, and with a solid vision guiding us now, we feel that now is a good time to share some of the general Saviour feature set.

Major Foundations
Generally we will fall closest to siege publish 15 rulest, one character per account, reds allowed in towns, no stat loss, one IP online at a time only minus special exceptions, however there are some substantial changes.

In the interests of providing a unique and rich PVM experience, balanced PVP, as well as maintain a healthy and functioning economy we have disabled and removed the barding and taming skill sets. This is done despite knowing many players are attached to the skills, however we believe the shards overall design and health will benefit from their removal.

In addition to this change, picking will undergo a transformation from primarily a gold generating template to an adventure template. While dungeon chests will still be about, and the fierce locks upon treasure chests will remain as they always have, expect the picker's role to change to that of a scout in advanced pvp systems, and to a welcomed companion in dungeon raids. You will come to find locked doors that will need to be picked, traps that are hidden and need revealed, and disarmed, as well as new drops like locked chests which will require a picker's services in order to open.

Another major change that has been made public already is the addition of systems to limit the effectiveness of sync dumping in PVP. While sync dumping is a valid play style, and enjoyed by quite a few it is our ultimate opinion that it brings more harm to the game then joy for the masses of Ultima Online players. We fully support chaotic field PVP, and the possibility for lesser skilled players or simply players that choose to not sync dump to have a chance of winning in field battles, when previously due to sync dumping this was extremely unlikely, even with an advantage in numbers. We also believe this will help create an environment for additional battlefield tactics to be found and used.

To this effect sync dumps performed by more than two players on the same target will experience damage reductions. This still allows for a powerful ability to burst damage, however, it limits the damage amount to a more reasonable range that gives players additional chances to effectively heal through the sync dump instead of resulting in many instant kills.

This may also reduce the reliance on voice programs, for those of you who do not desire or enjoy being forced to use voice in order to be competitive.

Reputation and accountability will be at the core of Saviour. Players will require unique character names, use their forum accounts for authentication, have their character name displayed with their forum account, and name changes will not be available in-game.

Travel Systems

* The recall spell is completely removed.
* Players will begin the game with a powerful magical item which is blessed, that allows for the opening of gates to various locations.
* Moongates cycle through towns.
* Boats will once again support a plotted map being handed to the tiller man and him sailing the boat to its destination.
* Ethy Mounts will be available for purchase that are blessed which may be mounted and ridden for travel use only. Players will not be able to perform any significant actions while mounted (Casting spells, combat, using items, etc) being aggressed by a player will automatically dismount a rider and prevent re-mounting for a time period. In the case of being aggressed by monsters a percentage chance to be dismounted based on distance is in effect.


* An addition to your normal 700 skill points, a bonus 200 skill points will be available for a range of select skills. These are mainly skills like picking, crafting, cartography, and some others. This will allow for more template diversification given the limit of only one character. A powerful warrior who is also a miner and blacksmith will be possible, much as a sly mage who enjoys a good fishing adventure.


* Various tweaks to spell damages such as harm, lightening bolt, and nox resistance.
* The disarm special, will now include a timer which will prevent re-arming of the disarmed weapon for a period of time.
* Mind blast cast time adjusted.
* AI style toggle based special moves.
* Cure rates restored to be closer to OSI publish 15.
* Greater explosion potions will feature both randomized detonation time, as well as a general re-use timer.


* Treasure Maps will no longer use a fixed set of coordinates, treasure hunters will have to hunt once more.
* Advanced AI creatures, dynamic spawns, roaming patrols
* Revised champion spawns, elite creatures, and rare creature varieties with enhanced drops.
* Many new items will be found as PVM drops. Including limited runs of collectible sets of items, items which can be combined to create complete items with magical powers, and components which will be used in crafting.
* Slayer weapons will be added.


Factions will not be present, however a in-depth territory control system will be present, that will allow for the siege of cities, villages, and mines.


* Crafters will be responsible for creating the best gear found in the game, through a mix of traditional resources, special resources that are limited and exist as part of the territory control system, and various components from PVM drops.

This is hardly a complete list of everything currently present on Saviour or in development, however it does represent many of the significant changes to be found on the shard.

We welcome you, and hope you will find fulfillment in the world we are trying to create.

Sign in for Alpha
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UO Saviour
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