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 Relations and Rules of Engagment

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PostSubject: Relations and Rules of Engagment   Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:52 pm


Orc - Allies
VII - Neutral
Everyone Else - Enemies!

Rules of Engagement and Looting

Divinity United Roleplaying Rules of Engagement
Encounters with enemy RP guilds, warred or not, need not always result in combat, nor should they be a wordless Kill on Sight unless circumstances merit this.

With RP guilds listed above:

1. Disarm only. This includes only weapons, bandages, and reagents. You may of course, opt to not loot, or loot some. Raid leaders may instigate a no-loot policy and you are to adhere to it.

2. The following spells are not to be used in RP attacks:
Meteor Swarm
Blade Spirits
Energy Vortex
Chain Lightning
Daemons and Elemental Summons

3. Do not attack RPers in deathrobes. You are to wear one when you are resurrected and looting your belongings. Wearing one mid-combat is not a loophole.

4. Do not ban RPers from housing.

5. Thief's are not to be used against other RPers.

Looting Griefers:

At your discretion.
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Relations and Rules of Engagment
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