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 Lets get our guild on the map! (a few suggestions)

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PostSubject: Lets get our guild on the map! (a few suggestions)   Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:33 am


I'm new to the undead guild and have a few suggestions to get it on its feet ( as it stands I have only seen myself and two other players on)

First, I think it would help if we were posting recruitment and rp reports on the IPY forums semi regularly to get our name out into peoples heads. I can help but I am a low ranking member and it would be better to have the leadership posting. (I'm going to make a report soon about my stealth dexer, I'll send it to Tal'dour for confirmation before I post it)

Second, we should have a home! I know we have a couple guild houses and other members have there own houses but we need a place that the undead guild members can come and visit regularly and have a few friendly faces greet them, in short we need land to own and protect. ( even if it means warring the Yew militia to get it!)

Third, we definitely need to set up a guild hunt to raise money for guild upgrades and gear! So far, when I am logged in, it has just been Wraithwyn and I going out and killing a few mobs when we bump into each other, hardly even a hunt.

Finally, the sooner we can get on our feet and get out there spreading our murder and mayham the faster we will be able to recruit in game! I think people will join us when they see the power we have from the fear we create through our murderous rp style game play. I'm excited! and am full of ideas!

Anyone who wants to talk to me can add me on aim: anuber85@gmail.com.

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Posts : 136
Join date : 2011-04-13

PostSubject: Re: Lets get our guild on the map! (a few suggestions)   Thu Jun 30, 2011 5:42 am

We have been here for a while now working on the guild and as some of the older members mature and develop there characters we have been able to make some significant steps towards being an established guild. Here are some of the recent achievements:

Guild house set up in the clearing outside of Yew.
Guild bank set up (in Kratons bank) and it currently has 60k in it and growing. Thx guys for donations!
We have successfully had a few guild hunts and raised a bit of cash for the guild tresury. Nappa, Zelthrak and I were in attendance.
We have gotten some recruitment posts up on the forums and because of it we have new found interest in the guild, we have already gotten one new recruit from the posting.

Suggestions for guild needs to be attended to:

Dedicated blacksmith (to supply guild armor and weapons)
Dedicated alchemist (to supply pots)
More energy spent on recruiting! (optional, as always Razz)
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Lets get our guild on the map! (a few suggestions)
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