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 Another Mortal who Seeks Undeath....

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PostSubject: Another Mortal who Seeks Undeath....   Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:02 pm

Hey, I'm Zelthrak in game and I'm a new Unborn to the undead.
I went on a small guild hunt with Nappa and Kraton and look forward to RPing with you guys in the future!

I was a Yewian on a previous shard along with Kraton, but they don't PvP much outside of OCB (which is like a chore to me), and a lot of the people I knew there left so I thought I'd try out a new RP style (the drunk scottish one was a little 2d for me anyway, lol).

My AIM is on my profile, I'd post it up here but I used my email address, and I don't want spam emails. ;P
See you in game!
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Another Mortal who Seeks Undeath....
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