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 {Repeatable} MISSION: Recon/IT gathering

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PostSubject: {Repeatable} MISSION: Recon/IT gathering   Fri Jul 15, 2011 4:07 pm

Having intelligence about the forces that exist outside the undead kingdom is of vital importance to the Guardian, how else can he accurately predict the war and strategies future battles? Knowing when and where to hit gives the undead the upper hand and with which will eventually result in the success of the war and defeat of our enemies.

Thus, intelligence of the following guilds are urgently needed in order to properly assess the current state of the war.

Yew Militia
Paladin houses and common zones known to be a "hang out spot" for them

This information must include screen shots of their main guild houses, member houses, common farming spots, known members and any other information that can be gathered that will aid in the war efforts.

*To submit a survey mission report the information must be set up to be displayed in a reader friendly format and posted as a new thread in the forums*

Successful completion of one or more of these guilds surveying missions will result in immediate guild promotion nominations, assuming all other promotion guidelines have been met.
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{Repeatable} MISSION: Recon/IT gathering
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