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 {Repeatable} MISSION: Call For Blood

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PostSubject: {Repeatable} MISSION: Call For Blood   Fri Jul 15, 2011 4:19 pm

In order to prove your worth and value to the guild you must successfully show yourself to be a competent warrior that will be able to hold your own in battle with the enemy. In order to do so you must bring the heads of five humans as a display of the power and dominance that you hold in the environment around you. You must prove that you strike fear into everyone who you challenge, only then will it be obvious that your care for humanity has diminished and that you are ready for undeath!

The heads you gather for this mission should be of other RP guild members however if there are non conveniently available any heads will do. Screen shots of the battle and death of the human are mandatory.

*To submit a Call For Blood report you must gather and display the information needed in a reader-friendly format in a new topic on the forums*

Successful completion of this mission will result in immediate guild promotion nominations, assuming all other promotion guidelines have been met.
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{Repeatable} MISSION: Call For Blood
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