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 RoE with Yew

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PostSubject: RoE with Yew   Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:18 am

For those who haven't heard yet, here is the RoE for the war with the Yew Militia.
Edit: Edited to what Kachina has posted on the Yew forums.

1. Do not use magic weapons when engaging in battle with UND members.
2. When looting UND corpses, you may disarm them; this includes weapons/reagents, bandages and potions. Leave armor and other valuables on their bodies.
3. Do not kill on sight(unless specified orders or RP events call for it). Role Play with them first, provoke them or allow them to provoke you, warn them, etc. We don't want another situations where people are afraid to log onto their characters.
4. Do not AFK kill or attack crafters/mules.
5. If you witness any rules being broken by either guild, contact me or another officer right away (in our case nappa or kraton). Screen shots help.

Pretty standard stuff, let's follow them and have some fun.
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RoE with Yew
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