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 The First Of Many.

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PostSubject: The First Of Many.    Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:24 pm

An open declaration of war had been issued by the City of Yew. Fools, Raith thought to himself. As if the Undead needed such a petty proclamation to annihilate those mortals. The Militia thought itself bold indeed if it was calling for open war against those who served the Guardian. Raith’s bony hands gripped his spear tighter as he began his slow walk in the shadows towards Yew. The declaration needed to be answered in blood.

After silently stalking past the town’s borders, Raith found himself in front of the heart of the city, the Empath Abby. The wraith slipped easily through the doors, and worked his way past the various shops and town’s people inside. One mortal, a young man who was a member of the Militia’s civilian service, stood in the main room of the building calling out for volunteers for the Militia. Slaying a recruiter, a civilian with no skills as a warrior would be a symbolic gesture only. Raith was craving a worthy opponent this night. His desire was soon rewarded when a young recruit entered the building.

Raith opted for open combat. A Display of the Undead’s abilities to put the fear back into the mortals. He quickly leapt from his position of concealment in front of the young ranger. As Raith revealed himself, he could hear men shouting, women screaming, and children crying. Most were shocked with fear or surprise. All of them called out for protection.

Taunts and challenges were quickly exchanged between the two enemies. Then the fighting began. The battle was short, and vicious. The young mortal soon lay at Raith’s feet, subdued and no longer able to fight due to his wounds. The poisonous elixirs that had been applied to Raith’s weapons were too powerful for the young man.

Even as the man lay wounded, he still retained his arrogance. He spoke of pride and honor, and how his companions would never accept defeat against the Undead. Bold words for a man who lay defeated and alone. Raith was quite certain the poison was seeping into the man’s mind making him delirious. Still, this warrior would make an excellent addition to the Undead, Raith thought to himself. Perhaps an offer of salvation was in order…

The young mortal refused. His sense of honor had been insulted, and he somehow found the strength to stand up. To his credit, the young mortal attacked again, and was fighting well against Raith despite his previous bout. The ranger used all of his abilities against Raith, including his similar ability to move into the shadow. However, the wraith’s abilities to move unseen had already been mastered, and the mortal was no match for him in that respect. Raith left the man to his wounds, and faded out of town and back to the safety of the crypts with his trophy from this attack. The first of many…

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The First Of Many.
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