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 Krells Log #1

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PostSubject: Krells Log #1   Sat Sep 03, 2011 2:39 am

I't was raining and cold at night, hmm i cant breath *cough sputter* I cant see? Where am I, Who Am I? Am I dead or am I alive?


From pitch blackness to a sudden gust of wind and water drops flayling down on my lifeless body, I now realise there are two strange things lifting a lid off from over me from above ground. Suddenly a bright light flashes across the sky, lighting up the sky turning the harsh rain drops into small blue emralds before things go dark.


Two entities lift my stone cold body out from under the ground...

"Who are you? What happend to me? Who and where am I?"

there eyes seem red and distant, they smelled of sulfur.

"Am I dead?"

They did not speak, however there was a voice but not from them, it seemed in my head.

"Who and what and Where is not important to you now, You no longer feel pain or wonder about your life as you are now eternal. Who you were makes no diffrence, its what you will become that concernse you!"

I look down at my boney hands and chest, what was left of skin was dried and withered. I went to speak but couldnt. I was raised from my coffin. Down at my feet in my coffin I see a ancient blade. it reads "Virtue and Honor for no one is left alone" along the blade this inscription was fading and rusting. "Hmmm I must have been asleep a long time?"

The entity in my head spoke once more, "You asked for redemtion and revenge on those that brought you here, I have come to show you the way!"

"Let me show you your final moments on why you asked for me!"

An explotion in my head was so fast and so sudden. I remember my last moments, I was a valiant knight from 45 years ago, I volenteered to front line against the hoards, some of us went to fight and when the time was to fight they left me on my own! they deserted me! Virtue and Honor well they left me to die on my own. Knights are a lie, mankind is a lie, I fulfilled my dutie while they ran and hid Now i remember. All Life Must Be made to Fall Under Me.

The raged I felt internally at that moment was over powering and painful as my body wouldnt let me move.

"Now you know what must be done!" the entinty once again spoke.

"Rise and drink all the souls and eat the flesh, the more you consume the stronger you will become!"

The old blade lifted on its own and into my hand, I fought hard and now could move my arm but the blade made me agonise the thought of it, I hoisted it above my head then gripped it with my other skelatal hand and snapped it in half, on the pommel that hit the ground I read the name "Krell The Virtuas" I started swimming with emotion of despise.

"Noooooo!" burrowed the voice in my head "You will be known of as Krell the Decaptator"

The only physical sound I could make at that time was a "hissss" of approval.

Now I grow. Later they Will be mine.

I lift my self out of the coffin and up onto the dirt, I realise im in a place called Brit Cemetery.

"Squeeek Squeeek" I see a small rat I jump on it and use my teeth to decapatate it.

I could feel its juices flow over my boney arm and it begins to feel my small frame with substance again.

The rest of the evening all I could do was consume insects and rats. Soon I will consume the foul things called Man! Every Man Lies! But I know the trueth!


Day two

I started using weapons on apparations around me in the Cemetery I continued to consume life of rats and animals and insects, But these are not Man!

later I encountered a Man of a nation called Yew, he struck me down! I laughed at him and gargled to him "I am still Unborn of yesterday! for on the 10th day from now I will come to Yew and make your streets cold and Red! Everytime you strike me down I grow stronger!" all he could do was spit in my face, but he did nothing more. I cannot wait to arrive to Yew and decapatate them things Called Man. I used to be called a Man! their very lives are a lie.


Later that day I am now strong enough to walk among other Man things almost as one of them, ewww i hate them. I met others like me and ventured into a cavern I heard it called Despise! We slayed everything living i can feel myself getting stronger. My counterparts where not sure what to think of me? for i didnt and couldnt speak much.

I only have one thing I was brought to do and talking much isnt on the list.


Day Three

I have found and tapped into the gift of the Gaurdian i am growing tired in my increase in abilitys but i continue to consume all those in Despise but they are not Man!


Day Four

I continue to get tired of my increase in ability's, but mantain my mission of the Gaurdian in growth of my goal to slay everthing that is Man! I now travel in their towns among them, I have been collecting up suplies in donation for other like myself, hoping one day to be among them in numbers. One day i will see these Men and i will consume them and take their heads.! so they can see themselfs in their lies!


Day Five

I found my first Man thing to consume! the crimson liquids was just what I needed. After i was finished with her I found myself holding her head in my lap, while her body was left hanging on the tree branch upside down still driping her internal soul out onto the ground.

I look down at my hands I see flesh?!?

"What is this?" I asked outloud only to be greated by the screeching voice in my head.

"Its what you asked for!"

"How could this be?"

"Before you become a true Eternal you must be Unborn!"

I grovelled at the thought of feeling cold again, as i breathed again for the first time in years I could see the myst from my breath.

"But you Promised the Redemtion and Justice to those that call themselfs Just!?!"

Now an apperation sculpted into view from the myst of my breath. "Yesss and you will but you must spread my words to those you seek out! Tell them of my arival. and the awakening of my flock!"

I winched at the thought of my own face i could see down at my feet in the reflection of the water, I was Young again.

"But why?" "You must be reminded what your enemy is, to see their supposed sense of Brotherhood. To see what how they will treat you! To show them the mistake of overconfidence in their false comraderey! Then when things seem at their best for them you will be granted the gift which you have tasted and I will awaken the others, But first you will seek out an Ancient One called Kraton and he will teach you the new forms of extracting punishment on my disshonest mortal children!"

"Wait what of her?"

A sickning laughter could be heard from all over me internally.

"Oh so you do remember her, well to further you lessons I will grant her within reach of you but you will not remember what she looks like or what her name is and you will be close but never able to achive the goal of getting her into arms reach! Besides her mother has shadowed her veiw from my eyes some how?!?"

I tried to think long and hard of her name and what she looked like, when seconds ago I could describe her every detail. But now I cant remember what she was to me, but I could feel her importance to me?

"Noooooooooooooo!" Scares started to develop my back and my chest and shoulders from the tree branches. They seem to move on their own as the entities voice could be heard laughing and enjoying this spectical.

Now I hear multible Voices in my head including one called Kraton.

"This is your first re-introduction to mortal pain and anquish, both pysically and mentally now go and seek out Kraton!"


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PostSubject: Re: Krells Log #1   Sat Sep 03, 2011 5:47 am

Yssss Bruthor... each day it will groww strongerrr. Both of us young in our undeath we areee. But our day arises and soon from Yew cracking bones and crushed dreams there shall beee...

At another time I would once say it is an Honor to fight beside theeee... but those ages and days are over for us now... for now... Goood Souuullsss...

~Knox Eternal
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PostSubject: Re: Krells Log #1   Sun Feb 12, 2012 5:56 am

Day Six.

My Feet hurt from all the traveling, I have managed to steel me some shoes and a robe but still havent found Kraton.
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PostSubject: Re: Krells Log #1   Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:23 am

Day 7

I have found Kraton, Many lay dead at his feet. Next to him was one other but he vanished leaving Kraton on his own, Kraton had one Yewian soldier on his belly only being held up by his scalp. When he saw me he released the dead Militia man down into the bloody dirt.

"Ahhh Mortal I was Expecting you! Now come and hurry!" Kraton said while jesturing with his finger to gaze at the hill, Many foot steps could be heard running down the hillside. I about fainted at the amount of Yew militia trampen down the hillside with arms in hand.

Kraton cackled and smirked.

I ended up in an old area that could be called a place of gathering souls in the shape of a town. Kraton the Ancient One placed his hands on either side of my head and his eyes grew more crimson and I suddenly became inriched with certain knowledge of arms and a wisdom of the Guardians Scriptures.

"Now go I must put uss down to ssleeep, but we will return!"

All the apparations then vanished again.


I venturned into the populace of Yew and began spreading the gospel of our creater of all things the Gaurdian only to be spat on and misstreated and eventually beaten up and thrown out of town limmits.

I later returned with the gospel in hand and was actually greeted by some nice people, wise people, and even a caring lady?!? but how could this be, could this be a mistake? I thought to my self only to find my self interupted in my thoughts by an arrow landing inches from my feet. with a small squad of Militia telling me to leave before the count of 3! I was made to run on the count of 2 with a sudden disshonest shot from several of these men! Now i know why i am hear that was disshonest and painful as later was made to pull the shaft out from my own rear end.

Later Kraton apeared again in my sleeping chamber and placed his hands on my head again as he did so, he said "Now I grant you arms to defend yourself and you must defend yourself against these men!"

"What just me? But im just a man again!" I replied.

"No! You are more, yes a mortal but you have gifts! do you wonder why the smell of blood is refreshing? Dont you wonder why your able to move yourself at times from one place to another with out your legs? Or that you feel like you can do more then just lung your blade forward with out touching it?"

I dont remember anything after this but waking up and returning to Yew and standing infront of the Riverrun tower preaching the gospel of the Gaurdian.

When the young woman greated me and we talked for hours about the Avatar and the Gaurdian. I began to doubt myself and the gaurdian. How could this young shy little woman have so much power in me and others around her? How could she be so timmid and yet able to wield slight incantations? Later I went back to my sleeping chambers and was greeted with imitations of her gestures only to find I too could manipulate arcane arts to a small degree?

The voices in my head returned and answered me with a painful tone "Because you are soon to become the Decaptator of our Gaurdian! And you are special Now return and seek her out.!

"What are you talking about ?" The many voices replyed but to many at once? I never could understand them again but certain words as pain and torment!

This was starting to become to heavy so I returned to Yew to seek out the Young lady for help. She was welcoming but I couldnt stop myself from attacking her protectors the Militia men, I had toppled one and started another one. More came out I was amazed at my own strenth. I had the equivilent of 5 men. But She then began to spit out the Avatar text of Incantation which rendered me helpless. They called on one named Angus the Templar but he was away!

"Yess, Save me I will Join Yew!" I cried out against the voices in my head and my scares began to Burn!

I no longer cared as this was the only way i could find her the one I could no longer remember. I cannot let them or the Gaurdian claim her the one i cannot remember!


Day 8

I continue to live as Yewian and no longer Wear the Unborn robes, I pretend to be happy and with out voices but I would break out in outbursts against the Yew Militia men only to be calmed by the Young Shy lady. I still search out her the one with the locket?

Wait I do remember the locket around her neck. Given to her by her mother, she explained to me in our past when i met her.

Hours later there was a violent outbreak from the criminal brigands I grabbed my spear and helped thwart them off. When this happend the Gaurdian's voice came barreling in my head causing my scars to burst into blisters. "Ahhhhh" I shouted.

"Kill them!" the voice said omnipotently

The Yewians looked brave and fearful at the same time as they staired into my eyes. Then Monica stepped infront of them and tried her usual calming techniques on me and was met with great anger she jumped behind one of the Watchmen in terror. I suddenly dropped to my knee's trying to fight off the Gaurdians wishes. And I warned the men to back away that i couldnt control myself no longer. Half of the men pleaded for me to wait and Lord Angus wouldnt be far away but it was to late for me that moment and was then met with a pommel to the back of the head, rendering me sleeping for awhile.

Later i was escorted to the Militia Leader only to be interupted by the Ancient One himself Kraton. "I See your Faith has waivered!"

"Aye, Youuu left me to live like this and lied to me!" I said drawing my fists up, not that i could do any harm to him. The armed escort simply looked Nerveious and scared at his pressance and wondered of me and what I would do.

"No I was testing you, Now Unborn return and get those Mortal Clothes off your body."

I began to tremble and the Voices became overbearing, my scares where now bleeding. I couldnt stop my hands as they began to undress me.

"Yessss thatsss it, the Gaurdian isss most pleassed with You Krell, Now come back to Usss!"

"Wait!" Monica began but was met with Kratons cold look. she hid behind the Escorts.

"Yess Master!" I replied and rememberd What mankind was truely like when i was Krell Von Luthenburg the Virtuas. And how the same could and probably would happen again.

"The problem with the Avatar is that he allows. Theft, Greed, Fathom, Lust, Lies, Disease and sickness. The Gaurdian has no need for such excuses." I said as i walked into the night with Kraton.

At my sleeping quarters again Kraton explained to me that my Preaching is no longer required and soon I would be granted my true Power very soon.


Day 9

I couldnt sleep that night. All I could think about was about her with the locket only this time I could place a name behind this woman that was connected to me emotionaly. "Anthea" I gasped.

I gathered my things took one of the mystical armours from the armoury and weapons and carried the enhanced mystical blood vials said to be made of Vampyric blood. Venturned back to yew to try and Save Anthea and my only friend Monica. How did i know her name? the only possibility is that the locket was missing?!!! Yess thats it I could see her now and if thats the case she must be saved I have to find Monica to warn her to keep her safe, I thought to myself.

I arrived to Yew searching for Anthea or Monica but couldnt find either instead i was met with force of arms in the Militia might. There was to many for me to handle even with the strong vampyric vials and the mystical arts and best armour blessed by the Gaurdian i couldnt fight past the army of Yew. As they smited me down and spat on me I still didnt give up, "You must save her!"

"Who?" Asked one called Vort. "Anthea" I gasped with my last breath.

I awoke in Necropolis.

"Awwww my beloved Krell I see you been at play again." Kraton cackled as I began to pout.

"Let me show you something Krell." Kraton then jestured one of his bonemagi to open a scrying pool where Vort could be seen holding the Queen of Yew hostage with a blade at her throat as he held her from behind. The Yew Militia all surrounded the room with Danica standing in front. More laughter could be heard around the halls of Necropolis.

"You see Krell what good did your personal quest do for you requesting the aid of this Vort who now betrays one of their own? Hmmm?"

Tears began to trickle down my cheek.

"Now as the Gaurdian said as Yew bask in there glory its all about to come tumbling down, we will be awakend, and they will be reminded of there short missrable mortality is just barrowed time. And with this said its time for you to be awakend my Unborn!" As he said this a sharp burning sensation peirced my back and I looked down and saw a kryss sticking out of my chest. The pain became numb and my eyes shut.

"Raise Krell and Rise my Immortal Brother for now you are Krell the Decaptator, let no man stand in your way, and be proud to harvest their soulssss!"

My skin boiled but i couldnt feel the stink of the flesh burning away as i stood up and the bones clanking into place.

I nodded and saw the queen in the skrying pond still alive and Vort was laying dead on the ground with a Distraught Danica.

"So it begins!"

"Yes Krell tommorrow the rest will be awakened and your preaching has reached around the lands as more Unborn come to us. It was Your example as a mortal that led them to believe in your teachings as a preacher! You see the things Gaurdian made you go threw as a mortal again was to set very important things in motion and he has everything predetermed. Tommorrow We Wage War, They will eventually fight us to our Armoury then we make are move!

I Nod again.


Day Ten

The war rages the lands of Yew, the battles go back and forth as planned. They fight to our Armoury where they were victorious, however this allowed a sellect few to move to the Yewian Abby. My bones re-attach themselfs back into place i wake the remaining forces and call the others to meet at their main city.

I run threw following Kratons Footsteps into battle making the Yewian streets run red with blood and body parts. Weee now occupy The city of Yew just as I said to the lone Yewian that spat on me on Day One!

Yew is Ours regaurdless of their rebelion or habbatence. Others have paid tribute to us gaurding the doors of the Abby with Heavy Magical Crossbows. But one thing still is yet to be acheived to me!

Anthea? Must be found i can smell her soul and in her our Gaurdians Angel will be summoned into her!

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PostSubject: Re: Krells Log #1   Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:26 am

Krells Notes to this Log.

the days are not literal Calander days but his perspective of days.

Krell no longer can manage time in the aspects and perspectives of mortals Nore does he care too.
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PostSubject: Re: Krells Log #1   

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Krells Log #1
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