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 The Embodiment of Stealth

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PostSubject: The Embodiment of Stealth   Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:52 pm

Vincent ran as fast as he could through the snow of Ice Island. Being chased by the Orcs that had their encampment there. Arrows flying past his ear. He could hear the arrows wooshing through the air as he ran. He was lucky he was good at dodging. If he was hit once it could mean death. The orcs were never known for letting people live who didn't pay tribute. He heard them yelling gibberish at him. He was scared only being 17 at the time. He saw a cut in the mountain and ran inside. He knew this place as Deceit. He ran through the ancient halls, barreling through the skeletons and pushing them out of his way. He looked behind him and saw orcs pouring through the entrance and chopping their way through the skeletons with one hit. The crunching of the bones breaking was loud and fierce. He pushed his legs as hard as he could. He ran down the stairs to the next level.

Here he saw some liches and more skeletons. He tried evading them as much as he could. He ran around a wall hoping to get away from the liches and orcs. If he knew anything from living in the harsh environment of Ice Island it was to hide when you can't win. He sat there for a moment. When he heard to orcs yelling to find him he peered around the corner and saw three liches turn to face the orcs. They casted a couple of spells and took a few orcs down but the amount of orcs was too much for just a few liches and they continued their search for him.

He darted further into the dungeon trying to lose his pursuers. He tripped and fell right in front a lich. This one though was different than the rest he looked older than the rest, more elegant. He looked at the boy for a moment and then heard the rampage of the orcs behind him. The lich looked at the boy once more before hitting him on the head and motioning him with his staff to get behind him. Without hesitation Vincent scrambled behind the lich and then he saw 2 more appear out of thin air. The elder lich looked at each lich and nodded. They all then started to chant in some mysterious language, when the orcs appeared all Vincent saw was a blinding light. He shielded his eyes and then it stopped. Everything did. He opened his eyes and it was dark.

He wasn't in the same place he was. He was in a dimly lit room. He had never been here before and didn't know where he was. He felt a hand grab his shoulder and immediately turned around. He saw the lich who had saved him.
"Vincenttttt," the lich said in a very low tone.
Vincent remained quiet, either fear or amazement held him there he didn't quite know.
" I haveee been looking for someone like you for some time nowwww. Someone.... with your graceeee and witttt," the lich said again.
"Who are you?," was the most Vincent was able to say.
The lich smiled for a moment before saying," Meeee? I am everything. I am the lord of the Undead. I am the Lord and the Undead are my hands. I am in need of someone who I can moldddddd, shapeeee, formmm to what I need. I have been watching you for some timeeee. Your time in Yew was short yet full. It isssss time for you to join Undeathhhhh. If you wissssh. I can send you back to the orcssss if you wanttt."
Vincent quickly shook his head.
The lich then told his tale of what he wanted. Why he wanted it to happen and how Vincent would help him carry out his plot.
"I need you to prove to me your skills with a weapon and your ability to be unseen. There is a stag on the island. The only one of its kind. I want you to kill it, and cut off its head. I will be watching you the whole time. Do it as fast as you can. Then your time will come. Vincent nodded and the bright light flooded his view again and he was lying on the ground in front of his house. He got up geared himself up and ventured out into the wild of Ice Island.

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The Embodiment of Stealth
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