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 Legends of Aria (Basically Ultima Online 2 and I am not kidding)

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Ajar Deathstrike

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PostSubject: Legends of Aria (Basically Ultima Online 2 and I am not kidding)   Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:35 pm

Hey Folks,

Some former UO devs have been making slow progress on Legends of Aria. I backed it a few years back and it's finally in beta. Steam Early Access is supposedly happening soon.

If you watch some recent (make sure they're from this year) Videos you'll see that this game is like the UO 2 that we have always wanted.

I logged in and it has that feel. It's entirely skill based, 6x GM skill cap, non instanced open world housing, etc.

Open world PvP etc.

It looks like a ton of fun if it takes off. It is so much like UO, they even stated they wanted to make it like an homage to it.

Now, I am wondering.. is this our last chance to end the fragmentation and unite under one game we can all enjoy that is the closest thing to UO we will ever get?

I'll be proposing this to the orcs as well.

If so, let's take this chance and agree en masse to do something united and together.

Don't forget to join the Undead FB group:


If this game is polished at launch, i'm in.

For now, I am playing on UOF because it is the only server with a decent population.

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Legends of Aria (Basically Ultima Online 2 and I am not kidding)
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