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 Ranks, war, etc. etc.

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PostSubject: Ranks, war, etc. etc.   Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:40 am

Now that we have a stone, everyone will be divided into 3? categories. Bone warriors, bone magi, and slaves. We should keep it simple until we get more people joining. Here are some skills badly needed for our guild: Treasure hunter, item identifier, poisoner.

Anyone who wants to set up a vendor at the guildhouse can. Our area has seen a huge increase on traffic.

Yesterday YEW visited us a few hours after we placed our home. It seems they have scouts everywhere. Anyways, these humans warned us our presence in Southern Yew is not acceptable. War is on the horizon....

Remember we are a evil roleplaying guild who doesn't grief or dryloot (unless the humans really want to be treated as such).

At this point, we can take the guild in any new direction we want. I am just modeling IPY2 Undead after SP and Cats so we have a good base for roleplaying.

p.s. My girlfriend got a flu two days before we were supposed to go to Vegas, so I will be home this weekend. Ya!
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Amira Zanib

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PostSubject: Re: Ranks, war, etc. etc.   Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:18 am

I started amira with 50 poisoning had no clue it does nothing on IPY so wil swap for something different once I can delete char and put on crafter with alchemy as well .My slave char for mining /Black smith ..guess will pick ID as well on her.

Btw I am really low on play time so it is not going to be fast with slow skill gains.It takes ages to just find some free spot to farm with so many players on IPY2 .But as much as I could see a lot of ppl from Darkfall Online moved here .Some large zerg clans like SUN with some talented pvp players .

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Ranks, war, etc. etc.
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