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 {Repeatable} MISSION: War Supplies!

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PostSubject: {Repeatable} MISSION: War Supplies!   Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:11 pm

In order to keep our war efforts at an optimum level of operation various war supplies are needed! These range from and definitely are not limited to:

bone armor,
GM and magic armor,
GM and magic weapons,
lumber (boards),
ore (ingots),
potion kegs,

*Bandages seem to be the most vital for resource donations as they are crucial for getting new members into the game as quickly as possible

**Cash is also very important as all guild funds go directly into keeping the armory supplied with war supplies and also it is put towards upgrading the guild house.

All efforts that are made to aid in the gathering of our war supplies will be noted by the guardian and will directly influence potential promotion nominees.
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{Repeatable} MISSION: War Supplies!
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