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 How to become an Undead

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PostSubject: How to become an Undead   Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:43 pm

So you wish to enter the trails of the undeath? This is not an easy decision to make for once you are in you may never leave! *cackles* Below are the steps needed to take to enter the undead:

New Characters

For new characters this is pretty much covered in the Creating an Undead section but will overview it. First, create a screen name on our message board and introduce yourself and tell everyone you wish to join the guild. Next get wait to get your name approved by the guildmaster. Then, create your character, and go to the Necropolis. For a more elaborate guide check out the Creating an Undead section.

Premade Characters

For premades the task of joining the Undead is much tougher for we prefer new skins but an exception every once and a while is made. You must also create a name on our message boards and post your characters name and skills and that you wish to join. You will then need to wait for a response from one of the leaders either on the boards or on ICQ. They will discuss with you how you should go about entering the guild. You will need to have one or two Undead vouch for you before hand. You will need to hang around with us for some time learning our ways. Your term as an Unborn will be longer than a new skin to test your dedication. Hopefully we will be seeing you soon. *cackles*

Creating an Undead

So you wish to join the ranks of the Guardians Undead Minions, eh? Very well then. Follow these few simple steps and ye shall be on the road towards damnation.

Firstly, you should make a screen name for our message board and introduce yourself to everyone. State that your are intrested in joining the undead. IMPORTANT: before you create a new character to join us with you MUST state the name you intend to use and you MUST get this approved by our guildmaster. Failure to do so may result in a character not suitable for undead!

Next you should create your character. Selection of hair, sex and anything else is totally up to you. The name you choose will greatly affect your chances of getting into the guild. The name you choose should not be Do0diSh or anything of the such. We are a roleplaying guild and have roleplayable names such as Balthazar Corpus, B'Lar N'Thot, Dark Fenris, Jou'Nar and Boz. Choose a name that best fits you and begin your adventures in Yew.

Then you should find your way to the Necropolis and try to find other Unborns or Undead to follow until the stone holder is awake to place you on the stone. Learn from them and speak little until you learn the ways of conduct around others. We don't want you getting yelled at before you even enter the guild.

Follow these steps and you should be well on your way to undeath.
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How to become an Undead
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